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Got Unused SingapoRediscovery Vouchers?

Here’s a PSA, the SingapoRediscovery vouchers (SRV) are expiring in a few months! Have you used the $100 credit? As of January 2021, there’s more than 300,000 people who have used these vouchers. Comparing it to the number of Singaporeans we have (more than 3 million), that number really isn’t too high. If you happen to be one of those who has yet to use your vouchers, let me recommend some things you could do and some places you could visit!   For The Troubled Take a break from work and say ‘Yes’ to staycations! Although not a perfect substitute for overseas trips, staycations are a great getaway from our usually hectic schedule. Just imagine this, checking in to Marina Bay Sands in the afternoon, taking a short nap before heading to YardBird for dinner. The following morning, you can have a dip in the infinity pool and take some aesthetic photos of yourself. To prepare for your million-dollar shot of your back and the skyline, clear out your bacne Continue Reading

#BEAUTYTOK: Bye Bye Pimples

  I am embarrassed to admit that I scroll TikTok for an unhealthy amount of time each day. Since each video is only less than a minute long, it is very easy to lose track of time. There are all types of content on TikTok, especially about skin. People are giving out advice on how to fix bad skin. I am skeptical about the feasibility and results of the advice. So let’s discuss it and decide if it’s good or bad advice.   Hydrocolloid pimple patches If you search “hydrocolloid pimples”, there will be endless videos of people showing their satisfying peels after using the hydrocolloid patches. But how do these pimple patches work? Do they work? Curious about the science behind it, I turned to Google. According to Healthline, these pimple patches are effective.  Firstly, they act as a protection from bacteria, bacteria from your hands and the external environment. Secondly, these patches are made to soak up the pus from the surface-level pimples. However, these patches do not Continue Reading

Common misconceptions about skincare

Skincare has been popular for such a long time; it is inevitable that there will be misinformation and misconceptions floating around. Sometimes, you might also make some assumptions about skincare based on your knowledge. Read on to debunk some common misconceptions regarding skincare! We don’t need to use an exfoliator. Not true. Exfoliators are important because they help to remove the dead skin on our face. It then allows for skincare products to be better absorbed into our skin. Apart from stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic circulation for better skin health, some scrubs also contain additional beneficial ingredients. Take for example, the Gold Flakes Illuminating Scrub. It contains vitamins A, C and E to help nourish your skin while removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.   Consuming vitamin C is the same as applying vitamin C. The short answer is no. Take a listen to Dr Chua Han Boon as he answers this question eloquently. Essentially, the amount of vitamin C we ingest does not all go Continue Reading

Are You Applying Your Skincare Wrongly?

Getting good products for your skin is no doubt important. But how many people complement their good skincare products with the correct application techniques? This might result in your products appearing to be less effective. Don’t negate your effort by using improper application techniques! Read on to find out if you are committing these skincare mistakes!   Tugging the Undereyes When you are applying your anti-ageing eye cream, are you dragging your fingers across your delicate skin? The skin around your eye is very thin and hence you shouldn’t apply too much pressure on it as it might cause wrinkles. Instead, you can use your finger to lightly dab a thin layer of cream on your undereyes. A good eye product would be easily absorbed into your skin without needing much pressure. If you are looking for a good and non-sticky eye serum, the Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum is a good choice. Infused with real gold particles, it helps to fight obvious signs of ageing under your eyes!   Wrong Continue Reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers’ Day is coming! What are you thankful to your father for? For me, I am thankful for the advice he has given me throughout the years, even though I usually end up not heeding his advice and regretting later. I am also grateful to him for providing me with a comfortable life. As a token of gratitude, I am planning to get my dad a present. Here are some options that I am considering getting this fathers’ day and hopefully it will give you some inspiration on what to get for your father too! 1) A Computer Monitor With work-from-home here to stay, it would be a worthy investment to get a monitor. Working from the tiny screen can be difficult for my father since his eyes are not as sharp anymore. He has also mentioned that the small screen results in his eyes being more tired as well. With the monitor, he can view his documents with ease and can even have dual screens! I promise this is Continue Reading