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Tips For University Freshmen!

  It’s that time of the year again! The beginning of another academic year for university students. Since you’ve read the title, I am assuming you are about to begin your university life. Feeling anxious? Here are some tips I have after 1 year of university life!   Choose your project mates properly To some, project work is the best part of school. To others, it is the bane of their existence. You already won half the battle when you choose the correct groupmates. Otherwise, you’ll be growing a lot of white hair in your 4 years of university education if you have groupmates who contribute nothing but trouble. Lucky for you though, there is a new grey hair reversal treatment in town if you need it. You can enjoy the much-needed zen during the 30 comfortable and painless minutes of treatment while fixing the damage on your head. Submission deadlines are also usually cluttered near exam week, so you should try to start your projects earlier while you still have Continue Reading

Learning in Times of Covid-19

It has been a long battle with the COVID-19 virus. We’re now nearing the 2-year anniversary of the outbreak of the virus. Looking back on the journey we’ve been on, it has definitely been an arduous and treacherous trek. Rules are constantly changing; new variants are always evolving and new updates with the different COVID-19 vaccine with all the reversal of rules. The only thing that stayed constant would be the advice “Stay at home if you can”.   Although home is a safe place to be, it can get boring being cooped up at home, following the same routine for months. One thing that can spice up your life would be to sign up for different courses. Read on to see if there are any courses that pique your interest!   Baking Courses Trying to be the Gordon Ramsey of baked goods or simply attempting to bake delightful treats for friends and family? SkillsFuture has a wide array of courses for you to choose from. Learning how to make Continue Reading

Creating a Spa Experience at Home

Facials done at the clinic are amazing. You get to wind down while you pamper your skin with good ingredients. One downside is that you’ll need to travel to the clinic, but that’s no big deal when the clinic has comfortable beds. Some people prefer to do their own DIY masks in the comfort of their own homes. But the DIY masks can get messy, and are time-consuming to mix from scratch. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the mask is a big question mark. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a middle ground between the 2 options? The solution is to create your own spa experience with products specially formulated by aesthetic doctors! You can leave it to the professionals to create effective products, you just need to decide which skin concern and area you’d like to target that day.   Eyes Your eyes are possibly the first thing someone sees when they look at you, especially when we are all wearing masks now. Brighten and tighten your under eyes Continue Reading

Youth – A state of mind?

A youth is defined by the National Youth Council as someone between the ages of 15 and 35. Although being a youth is limited by age, there are no barriers to being youthful. You can be youthful regardless of your age if you have characteristics that embody a young person. Quick-witted, high energy levels and passionate are just some of the many characteristics of young people. Out of the many, which characteristics are important to you and how do you plan to achieve it even when you become 50? I think one aspect which contributes to being youthful is your appearance. You wouldn’t want to feel like a 30-year-old but look like you’re 50, right? Although you are not defined by your looks, we can’t deny that it contributes to your persona. For a start, you can upkeep yourself by regularly going for facials to target your skin concerns. If you want to up your game, you can try non-invasive and painless treatments to keep the wrinkles and crow’s feet at Continue Reading

Rating Ways People Have Tried to Plump Their Lips

Ever since Kylie Jenner popularized having thick lips ever since 2015, the Internet has come up with many creative ways to enhance their natural lips without undergoing aesthetic procedures. But are these methods effective? Are they even safe?   Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge First off, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Can you believe this trend was popular 7 years ago? It felt like yesterday when I saw pictures of bruised lips flooding the Internet. For a period then, people were using the suction of shot glasses to increase the size of their lips. Doctors stepped out to advise netizens of the dangers of this challenge. A few managed to get thicker lips without the bruising, but those were the minority of the lot. Rating: According to Internet sources, could potentially help you achieve plump lips but at the cost of breaking your blood capillaries around your lips.   Glue lips Fast forward to 2021, the Internet is still obsessed with thick lips. The creative users of TikTok came up with Continue Reading