Rating Ways People Have Tried to Plump Their Lips

Ever since Kylie Jenner popularized having thick lips ever since 2015, the Internet has come up with many creative ways to enhance their natural lips without undergoing aesthetic procedures. But are these methods effective? Are they even safe?


Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

First off, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Can you believe this trend was popular 7 years ago? It felt like yesterday when I saw pictures of bruised lips flooding the Internet. For a period then, people were using the suction of shot glasses to increase the size of their lips. Doctors stepped out to advise netizens of the dangers of this challenge. A few managed to get thicker lips without the bruising, but those were the minority of the lot.

Rating: According to Internet sources, could potentially help you achieve plump lips but at the cost of breaking your blood capillaries around your lips.


Glue lips

Fast forward to 2021, the Internet is still obsessed with thick lips. The creative users of TikTok came up with this hack of using eyelash glue to stick their top lip to their cupid’s bow. Eyelash glue can be toxic and shouldn’t be placed so close to the mouth in case of accidental ingestion. Besides, the eyelash glue is probably only capable of holding up your lips for a few hours at most.

Rating: Less harmful than the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge but still not the most optimal when it comes to thick lips. Would rather not attempt this than be restricted when it comes to eating, speech and expressing emotions.


Overdrawn lips

Overdrawing one’s lips is what I would consider the wisest way to achieve thicker lips. Or at least the illusion of thicker lips. Users of this hack usually use a darker shade on the borders and a lighter shade on the entire lip to create a slight contrast of the lips. Unfortunately, this option is only advisable for seasoned makeup users. For amateur makeup users, you might end up looking like Ronald Macdonald instead of Kylie Jenner.

Rating: Watch many YouTube tutorial videos before embarking on this task. You’d probably want to start small, so it doesn’t look too obvious.


I feel that going for lip fillers would be the best if one can afford it method. You are in the safe hands of experienced doctors who have been injecting fillers for customers for years. The skilled doctors can also give you natural-looking lips. No looking like Ronald Macdonald!

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