Got Unused SingapoRediscovery Vouchers?

Here’s a PSA, the SingapoRediscovery vouchers (SRV) are expiring in a few months! Have you used the $100 credit? As of January 2021, there’s more than 300,000 people who have used these vouchers. Comparing it to the number of Singaporeans we have (more than 3 million), that number really isn’t too high. If you happen to be one of those who has yet to use your vouchers, let me recommend some things you could do and some places you could visit!


For The Troubled

Take a break from work and say ‘Yes’ to staycations! Although not a perfect substitute for overseas trips, staycations are a great getaway from our usually hectic schedule. Just imagine this, checking in to Marina Bay Sands in the afternoon, taking a short nap before heading to YardBird for dinner. The following morning, you can have a dip in the infinity pool and take some aesthetic photos of yourself. To prepare for your million-dollar shot of your back and the skyline, clear out your bacne with the Backless treatment. Using pure skin polishing crystals to smoothen your back to give you all the confidence you’ll ever need in your swimwear.


For The Adrenaline Junkies

With numerous slides varying in the level of thrill, there will be something for everyone at Adventure Cove. Apart from taking high-speed slides, you can also snorkel with fishes while observing the colourful Rainbow Reef! Be careful not to get a sunburn after spending a whole morning there though! Re-apply your waterproof sunscreen to get the maximal amount of protection you can get from those harmful UV rays.


For The Novelty Seeker

Singapore’s getting too boring for you? Then, you’ve probably not explored the little things within the country. Be a tourist in your own country as you have a guided tour around Chinatown, learning about its history and marvelling at the wonderful murals. Feeling hungry? You will get to enjoy a yummy seafood dinner at a local restaurant! After that, you will get the Singapore River experience by being on a bumboat and taking in the beautiful sights of Clarke Quay. That sounds like a perfect idea for a date! To get your game face on, the Glamour Peel treatment is perfect for you! Brightened skin, faded spots, lightened lines, smaller pores and increased hydration are just some effects you can expect from this comprehensive treatment. You can be sure that your skin won’t be letting you down that day!


If these activities don’t sound appealing to you, you can consider doing a good deed by donating your SRV. Pass on your credits to someone else who will enjoy it on your behalf! You can visit this website for a compilation of ways you could donate your SRVs!

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