Simple Ways to Not Gain Weight While Staying Home

Don’t talk about weight loss. It is already difficult to maintain one’s weight with the wide selection of scrumptious food everywhere. With the partial lockdown, gyms are not open. It might be difficult to maintain your figure now because of the largely sedentary lifestyle other than the occasional trip to the grocery store.

However, there are still ways around it.

Of course, just walking from your room to the kitchen and back to your room is not suffice. Here are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Deep cleaning the house

Don’t underestimate the effects of a deep cleanse of your abode. It may seem like no challenge, but have you tried reorganizing your closet, repacking your storeroom, vacuuming, and mopping your house all in a day? You are bound to work up a sweat.

Best of all, you will be able to rest comfortably in your clean house after all that effort!


  • Follow a dance routine on YouTube

Fitness youtubers like Chloe Ting and Emi Wong have seen an influx of viewers when most of the world was cooped up at home. Almost everyone and their mother was trying to get ripped. However, if that’s not your jam, you can give dance workouts a go.

Fitness Marshall and fitness gurus like Emi Wong and MadFit also have workouts that are incorporated into popular songs and even Kpop too.

You essentially do not need any equipment – just your body and ample space for you to dance. What’s more, you’ll be able to chalk up steps towards the daily recommended 10,000 steps.


  • Intermittent fasting

There is no debate that diet plays the most important role in managing weight. Hence, intermittent fasting might help you avoid gaining the extra few inches around your waist.

There are a few variants of intermittent fasting, but the one that seems most highly practiced would be the 16/8 method. For this eating pattern, you essentially limit your eating periods to an 8-hour window and then you fast for the remaining 16 hours. An example would be eating only from 12pm to 8pm. This helps you avoid some unnecessary snacking outside the eating window.

If you find it hard to keep within the eating windows, you can consider the skinny jab which mimics a natural hormone to help regulate your hunger. It is so simple you can even do it at home!


With that being said, there is no denying that there is a limit to the number of things we can do to keep ourselves fit at home. Let’s do our part by staying home so we can resume our favourite outdoor activities as quickly as possible!

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