Men’s Friendly Guide to Aesthetic Treatments


Where do we even begin with aesthetic treatments? Browsing through the seemingly unexhaustive list of available treatments can be confusing, especially for men who are not exposed to the wide array of beauty-enhancing treatments in the market.

Fret not. After reading this article, you will become more knowledgeable and might even want to try out these treatments for yourself!

Let’s start with these procedures that can be done in less than an hour respectively with little to no downtime so that you can get back to your grind as soon as possible!

1) Pico Smooth

Unfortunately, men are not spared the mercy of time. Inevitably, wrinkles will appear as a reminder of your bygone youth. Wrinkles coupled with the stubborn acne scars from your adolescence might be a big hit to your confidence.

This 30-minute laser treatment uses a fractionated picosecond laser which can result in the growth of new collagen and elastic tissues. This helps to smoothen your acne scars to give you a smoother complexion and refine your pores.

Although your worth is not built on your skin texture, we believe that having better skin can provide a boost in confidence.


2) Revage 670 Laser

Hair plays an important role in the appearance of an individual as it helps to frame the face. Hence, hair thinning and hair loss issues might bring about a series of problems to some.

If this is a problem to you, why not consider the Revage 670 Laser as a non-surgical hair restoration option? This painless option encourages cellular and tissue regeneration for thicker, suppler and more durable hair shafts. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that, with this treatment, hair density can increase by 40%. What’s more is that there is a great success rate of 85% in stopping the progression of hair loss.

Best of all, this treatment does not discriminate. Regardless of your gender, skin type, skin and hair colour, you are welcomed to do this treatment!


3) Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Always wondering what else you can add to your exercise regime to get those six pack abs or those perkier gluts quicker? Using a functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) to contract your muscles, the magnetic muscle sculpting treatment is the one to help you reach your goals. As the magnetic waves can penetrate the surface muscles and reach deep muscle groups, you can expect improved results as compared to electrical muscle stimulation. This procedure also increases cell metabolism, improves perineural circulation and nutrition. What a win!

However, your effort is still important. Together with this procedure, engaging in an active lifestyle while also having a well-balanced diet would allow you to see the best results.

All-in-all, these treatments and procedures, targeted at your face, hair and body provide you a good direction when it comes to aesthetic treatments. We wish you all the best embarking on your beauty-enhancing journey!


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