Body Sculpting Treatments That Will Be Huge In 2020

Body shaping expectations have hit a high. Instead of just hitting one’s “expected” size, the desired body shape today also has a fitness ideal to it. People don’t just want to look good, they want to look “really” good. Not everyone needs to have six-packs or have bulging biceps, but it should look like you work out regularly and might well be on your way there.

Many people work out regularly to earn that svelte figure, but for a lot more out there, the effort doesn’t always pay off. Thankfully, this is the body-contouring renaissance and medical technology has invented body sculpting treatments to supplement that effort to look fit. Here are the top treatments to help further refine your body’s appearance.



We are not talking about temperaments here, in case you were wondering. Fat freezing has actually been a thing for a while. Fat cryolipolysis treatments such as Coolshape freeze fat cells non-invasively, killing unwanted fat cells at target areas, and are then flushed out of the body naturally, giving fat reduction results in approximately 8 weeks. It can be applied to multiple parts of the body – most popularly the abdomen, the arms, the inner thighs, the banana rolls and even the dreaded bra fat areas.

If you don’t like cold, you can opt for heat to melt fat. Treatments such as Onda Body Magic uses microwave energy in appropriate wavelengths to reduce fat. There are even options to smoothen cellulite and tighten skin.



Muscle building treatments in clinics are now a thing. It sounds a little like a late-night infomercial, because muscle sculpting treatments promise dream toning without any exercise. The only effort you need to make is literally wait for 20,000 muscle contractions to take place within 30 minutes. These muscle contractions are supra-threshold – this means your muscles contract way beyond they normally would if you were to exercise them yourself. Stimulating muscle contractions using electromagnetic waves, muscle fibers are built progressively and you can lose approximately 15% of fat in the same area.

If you are already a gym rat in your ideal weight, a treatment such as magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) will give you the muscle definition you want. If you are not, then MMS should be paired with one of the fat busters above for better results.

Bear in mind though, that it is still mostly a lifestyle issue, and none of these treatments work on visceral fat. So if you are trying to shave off a beer belly, you are better off changing your diet and getting on the treadmill first.

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