3 Ingredients That Will Get Your Skin Glowing By Christmas

Party season is coming, and we are sharing 5 of the best skincare ingredients to liven up your complexion with illuminating and anti-aging properties.



This is now the skin essential that doctors prescribe the most in order to feed the skin with a healthy glow. In case you haven’t heard, vitamin A is a multi-tasking ingredient in skincare that gives a clear and smoother complexion by stimulating fibroblasts to stimulate collagen, unclog pores and thereby reduces acne, evening out skintone and lightening of pigmentation. Note that there are several versions of Vitamin A, namely retinoic acid (strongest and only available via prescription), retinol (less irritating to skin and found in over-the-counter skincare) and pro-retinols (most gentle).

Age Defy is a non-greasy Vitamin A concentrate that gives your skin multi-tasking rejuvenation perks including evening out skin tone and glowing skin.



Did you know that normal skin contains high levels of vitamin C, supporting important functions and stimulates collagen production? Vitamin C has high anti-oxidant properties, shielding the skin from impacts of pollution and helps the skin repair itself. In fact, studies suggest that vitamin C helps prevent and reduce ultraviolet-induced photodamage and may also inhibit melanin production, which helps to lighten pesky pigmentation.

Vitamin C Elixir. Fast-acting pure vitamin c provides skin with antioxidant support and brightens skin.


This is probably one of the biggest and up-coming skin whitening ingredient in skincare with most notable benefits in addressing hyperpigmentation such as those seen in melasma and even acne scarring. This amazing acid is a great multi-tasker, treating pigmentation and brightening skin efficiently. It works by providing a powerful anti-inflammatory action, inhibiting tyrosinase synthesis in melanocytes, and also blocks the transfer of pigment from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

Skin whitening tranexamic acid aims to correct discolouration in this latest version of White Plasma.




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