Good Skin: Nature Or Nurture?

Women are smart. They know that everyone has to age eventually, and before that happens, they should probably do something about it, because the truth is, one day, it won’t be as firm, smooth or radiant-looking. But the question is, why do some women age better than others? Do they have good genes or is it actually, something else?



Don’t be surprised, but apparently, a study conducted by Olay with Harvard University has shown that some women do have their genetics to thank for looking more “ageless” than others. Contrary to what we think, the study showed that everyone has genes that help take care of the skin, but those who age “exceptionally” have genes that work better, and longer. So it sounds like nurture plays a larger role than genetics do. Certainly, there is something in all of us that helps with keeping our skin youthful and supple, but environmental and lifestyle factors may play more important roles in accelerating the skin aging process as well. Decoding this further, this means that for the majority of us who are “normal” skin agers, treatments to make our skin perform like it is younger is important.



Those of us who need a bit of help to slow down the aging clock, or just want to have better skin can consider Glamour Peel. Chemical peeling is actually not new, but they are one of the most reliable ways to treat uneven skin tone, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark spots and even reduce acne. Customised and applied by doctors only, Glamour Peel works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells off the surface of the skin, revealing beautiful complexion beneath.

Why waste time on a facial unless it also nurtures good skin from within? PDRN Cellular facial boosts skin to a healthier and more optimal state by infusing the skin with polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), a proprietary and registered drug that helps in tissue repair. Think of it as giving your skin building blocks of DNA to work with, helping it fight the negative effects of environmental pollution and sun exposure, restoring it to a more healthy and youthful state.

Once a month for 6 months, give your skin a lifting boost with 24K Uplift, a unique hybrid facial that combines clinical ultrasound skin lifting technology Sygmalift with cold laser toning. Sygmalift uses fractionated high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin for a natural skin tightening effect.

One of the best skin brightening facials to do just before an important event is the Monroe Hydrafacial. The Hydrafacial MD is touted the only facial capable of penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, using a unique vortex tip that extracts impurities and also acts as an infusion tool at the same time. The Monroe Hydrafacial includes the LED red light for rejuvenation and sonophoresis of 2 customised vitamins and finishes off with a luxurious Pearl éclat gel masks which gives the skin a subtle pearlescent sheen instantly.


The take-home message? Most of us may not be terrific skin agers, but with a good skincare plan, your skin can still get by pretty amazingly.



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