The Real Reason For Your Facial Redness

Do you have redness on your face, neck or chest? Persistant redness that waxes and wanes? You might have a skin condition known as rosacea. The redness is caused by sensitivity to certain factors, and overactive small blood vessels.

A blush for a normal person might look cute, for someone with rosacea, the redness can last for hours or days. The annoying thing is, the redness can be triggered by virtually anything. For example, the sun, and stress. Persistent flare-ups can result in changes in the physiology of the skin, which can be seen as a permanent flush on the nose and cheeks.

Without treatment, broken capillaries appear and acne begins.



If you suspect you have rosacea, especially when you can see broken capillaries through the redness, it might be time have a laser done. Pulsed dye lasers such as the VBeam Perfecta are gold standard treatments for redness – using a special dye to generate different colours of laser beams, which are delivered in gentle pulses. The target of this laser is the red protein in red blood cells which are found in those broken capillaries. They absorb laser light and collapse while sparing surround skin cells. Most people see visible improvements by the 3rd treatment, spaced approximately 4 weeks apart. Once vessels are closed, they don’t recur, however, new ones can form.

The Harmony Skin Program by SW1 Clinic is specifically designed to combat redness, promoting an even skin tone.





We are not really asking you to completely avoid the sun in this case, but because sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of flare-ups, doctors recommend applying a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen (at least SPF 30), seek the shade and avoid the strong afternoon sun.



Mild skincare is important, but check out this Purity serum. It contains an active ingredient which effective helps to reduce the redness on the face for a few hours. People who use this regular find that their redness can be well-controlled for most of the day.



LED Red Light Therapy has been found to be effective in reducing redness or inflamed skin by calming the skin down. It stimulates cell activity which helps to treat fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and promotes skin healing.






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