5 Cosmetic Procedures To Help You Look Younger

As surgical face lifts become less and less the treatment of choice for people wanting to rejuvenate their facial appearances, here are the most effective non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help people backtrack a little and relive their, younger-looking, fresher-faced days.



I know everyone’s greatest fear about doing Botox. No one wants to look artificially frozen, no matter how many wrinkles Botox may smoothen out. Most people develop forehead furrows, annoying frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet as early as the mid to late twenties (‘motor’ wrinkles – they appear only on expression) and Botox not only helps to soften these lines, it can also prevent them from becoming static or permanant. Don’t get greedy and ask for a long-lasting dose as that will likely freeze expression and give skin an unnatural and awkward sheen – a sign of over-treating with Botox. Instead, opt for smaller doses just to relax the muscles a little instead, without limiting normal expression.



Sciton’s Broadband Light (BBL) has been shown in a study to actually reverse genes that are involved in aging. Regular treatments with the Forever Young BBL protocol have been shown to stimulate collagen – literally reversing the aging process! This revolutionary treatment dives deep into skin using the power of light, boosting new collagen production. Its touted prejuvenation benefits – non-invasive treatments that smart young women now do to prevent aging, rather than correcting signs of aging only after they have started. Now if that isn’t called foresight, I don’t know what else is!



Hyaluronic acid fillers are also key players in the prejuvenation revolution. Treatments such as Volume High Definition Lift help replenish lost volume in the midface, correct tear trough shadows under the eyes and also soften deepening nasolabial smile lines instantly. Other popular “lunchtime facelifts” include the Filler Hydrolift, a nifty technique of filling sunken cheek hollows and hydrating skin from within.



When the facial sag is a little more obvious, it might be time to pull some strings. We don’t mean people connections though – we mean the Infinity V-Lift. Using facial threads made of biocompatible and biodissolvable material (the same material as what surgical sutures are made of), once inserted beneath the skin, these threads anchor and lift saggy skin to a more youthful position. For the next 6 months or so, they stimulate collagen, effectively creating a more permanent scaffold of collagen for a more long-lasting lift.




Seen lips lose their youthful plumpness as early as the twenties? Well, the lips begin the slow and inexorable process of thinning as early as the mid to late teens! People usually start noticing lip thinning around their 20s and early 30s. Research has suggested that full lips have as much to do with a woman’s perceived age as wrinkles. No wonder they say this is the age of the “lip job”, as lip filler augmentation has become one of the most common and fuss-free anti-aging injections to date!




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