Good Beauty Habits You Must Start To Look Younger

Nailing a flawless complexion can be surprisingly easy. The commitment to good beauty habits to maintain your youthful good looks is a lifetime commitment. If you want a firm and toned complexion (who doesn’t!) in the next decade or two, we’ve rounded up a few easy treatments you should start right now.


1. Non-invasive Skin Tightening Treatments

Are you one of those who look into the mirror and secretly wished your brows were a little less droopy, cheeks a little more lifted, or jawline a little tighter? You are not alone. One of the most obvious signs of aging is sagging of the skin. Long before it becomes obvious, invest in the currency of youth – collagen. Try the Trinity Facelift, a skinsaver program designed to help aging skin defy gravity. Ultherapy, the only FDA-approved device approved for non-invasive skin lifting uses high intensity focused ultrasound energy, diving 4.5mm beneath the surface of the skin to induce a productive wound healing response, firming and lifting the skin over the next 3 to 6 months. Next, Thermage, a high energy radiofrequency treatment heats up the deeper skin layers and induces a skin tightening effect in the following months.


2. Youth Savant

While pigmentation and wrinkles are immediately apparent, one of the lesser known signs of skin aging is gradual thinning. Older-looking skin tend to look less firm, more crepey, and more translucent. Try Youth Savant, a new and popular treatment, a series of polynucleotide microinjections made from salmon DNA, which will make the skin more resilient to natural aging processes and environmental pollutants over time.


3. Fillers and Botox

People are always a little apprehensive about starting injectables such as Botox and fillers, but from a pre-juvenative viewpoint, miniscule doses of Botox in areas predisposed to deep wrinkles such as the forehead, frown and crow’s feet areas will keep these permanent lines far and away for years!

Hyaluronic acid fillers, properly injected can provide subtle lifting, such as Filler Hydrolift, a unique method of filling the cheeks which gives a subtle lifting effect.


The take-home? Prevention is the key when it comes to our skin, and don’t wait too long before you start these good beauty habits!

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