Best Skin Smoothers That Will Give You Baby Soft Skin

Looking for a treatment that will give you instagram-ready skin? But there are tonnes of possibilities out there, what should you focus on?

If the constant emergence of skincare cult brands are any indication, it is the quest for baby soft, smooth and luminous skin that wins the most hearts.



Environmental pollution and sun damage. These sink deep into skin and cause acne, sun spots and premature skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Older women undergo hormonal changes to do with menopause, which contributes to a sharp decline in collagen production and overall loss of skin radiance. Cellular renewal also declines and the buildup of dead skin cells changes the skin’s texture and tone, and an overall lack of moisture results in a rough and dull appearance.

Some clever changes to your skincare range will help but at a slower and smaller scale compared to skin treatments. Here are some of the best skin smoothening treatments to check out.


BB AQUATOUCH. This is a thulium laser which operates at a wavelength that miraculously scrubs away sun damage, evening out skin tone and brightening the skin in as early as a single session! A microresurfacing fractionated laser peel, it strips away pesky pigmentation (and even melasma, which is notoriously difficult to treat) and reveals healthy and spotless skin beneath. Pores are noticeably smaller and fine lines improved. This can be an ala carte treatment but we recommend the Baby Skin Program, a series of 6 sessions which builds up to a sustained, smooth and flawless-looking radiance.


FOREVER YOUNG BBL. Broadband light (BBL) may sound like IPL but this particular protocol using the reliable Sciton BBL harnesses the power of light to gently target pigments, facial redness and broken capillaries, freshening up one’s complexion immediately without downtime. The Forever Young BBL is the only light-based treatment that has been shown in a study to genetically reverse aging in certain genes. Find it in the Full Bloom Program.


PICO SMOOTH. It is no myth that the smoother the skin, the better light bounces off it. The more the light is bounced back, the better the glow. Pico Smooth uses the most advanced picosecond Nd:YAG laser to refine pores and scars. A novel fractional handpiece using diffractive lens creates light-induced optical breakdown (LIOB) in the dermis, creating a therapeutic skin response which stimulates collagen and smoothens the skin effectively. Look for the Glass Skin Program.


GLAMOUR PEEL. For many, the good old chemical peel is a reliable way to get rid of dead skin cells to reveal new, baby smooth skin. This aids in better absorption of your skincare products, improving collagen and elastin production and a noticeable reduction in fine lines and dark spots! The Glamour Peel is a tailored concoction of peels used in a controlled fashion for the most pronounced skin smoothening and brightening effect, without downtime.










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