How A Treatment Called Youth Savant Saved My Skin

I don’t have scars. My earlier years of diligently applying anti-aging skincare from the age of 25 and then routine gentle laser resurfacing every now and then to smoothen fine lines and tighten my pores from the age of 32 has paid off. Everyone envies me for my smooth skin. Call me shallow but at the age of 57, I felt a little disappointed that one little flaw was giving my age away. My skin was fair but rather translucent-looking – I can see small vessels just beneath the surface and large green veins deeper beneath. Expression lines across the forehead and outside the eyes are common unless one likes strong Botox treatments, but I have expression folds – thin folds of skin that radiate from the expression lines… my skin is crepey and thin.



I call Youth Savant a miracle healer because it is a treatment that acts like a DNA boost for aging or inflamed cells. This skin rejuvenating treatment puts polynucleotides (PN) – structural units of DNA into skin which provides the building blocks for DNA synthesis. The PNs are broken down by the body and then recycled into new DNA, very much like generating new power for the skin. This restores aging skin and makes it more firm, thick, hydrated.

Within 3 or 4 weeks after the first session, I saw a remarkable difference in my skin – my skin looked more radiant and there was a definite plumpness, which did not give the appearance of filler augmentation at all, except that it made my skin look much more youthful and healthy. My pores were visibly smaller as well.



Apparently, Youth Savant is derived from salmon DNA which is purified and fragmented into PNs. Salmon DNA is known to be most compatible with human and very safe without immunological reactions.

Youth Savant revives aging skin via several processes:

  1. It makes new blood vessels which provides oxygen and nutrients for cells to repair and regenerate.
  2. It reduces inflammation which normally causes cells to die by apoptosis or programmed cell death, so cells can repair themselves – this is also why Youth Savant has been shown to reduce scars.
  3. Fibroblasts create collagen in the skin and this restores elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Youth Savant PNs provides the building blocks for DNA synthesis and this allows damaged cells to repair themselves.

But here’s where I found out a little more about Youth Savant which I found rather interesting– it is derived from salmon sperm cells! But hey, it is purified (whatever that really, really means) and really, anything for beauty, right?

What I really like about this treatment is that it is a more natural approach to anti-aging. Instead of plumping my face with fillers and freezing my expressions in time with Botox to prevent wrinkles, Youth Savant literally makes my skin more resilient by amplifying its DNA so that it self-corrects signs of aging. Perhaps this is the future of anti-aging. The medical aesthetic industry is moving towards a self-healing model of skin rejuvenation, and what can be more exciting than looking like yourself – natural, but only younger, as you get older?

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