Age Reversing Treatments For Your Neck You Need To Start Now

Falling into a sort of no-man’s land between the face and the body, the neck is probably the most neglected with regards to maintenance and beauty. This is compounded by the fact that the skin of the neck has poorer structural support, and that it is often exposed to the sun without any sunscreen. The skin succumbs to gravity and the jawline droops while fat accumulates at unflattering positions such as the double chin and the jowls.

So it is not surprising that the aging neck is the most hated feature of people in their 40s, the decade when most things go downhill (and at an alarmingly fast rate).

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Loose skin and banding of the platysma muscle results in the infamous turkey neck. Loose skin can be tightened with Ulthera, the only non-invasive device that is FDA- approved for skin lifting. By stimulating a healing response that makes one’s skin produce collagen, Ulthera firms and tightens the skin gradually on its own. Thermage, a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that targets the deep dermis. Promoting collagen production here results in a skin tightening effect. A treatment such as Trinity Facelift uses both Ultherapy and Thermage works well for those with mild to moderate sagging.

Those whose necks are still in relatively good shape but are starting to worry about some mild changes in the jawline, try SygmaLift, a painless fractionated high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment. This is essentially a similar treatment to Ultherapy, but the energy is broken up into fractions.

Those who have a moderate sag should try the Infinity Neck Lift for better results. These threads have very tiny barbs that grasp and lift soft tissues of the lower face, giving a natural tightening effect.

If the skin isn’t loose, then the turkey neck is more likely due to the platysma muscle, some light botox will relax the muscle and reduce the downward pull on the jawline.

Thick bands of the neck muscle can be relaxed with small Botox injections for a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. (image from

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Wrinkled skin along the neck is usually caused by sun damage, which causes a loss of collagen, resulting in thinning of the skin. Luckily, the neck responds well to a number of non-invasive skin tightening treatments such as Thermage. Lasers such as Fraxel and SmartX Lite erase fine lines and soften wrinkles along the neck very efficiently. Patients with brown spots on their necks also love the pigment-erasing results from these resurfacing treatments!

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