5 Skincare Habits You Can Learn From Girls Who Never Break Out

To girls with perfect skin, we admire, love and loathe you at the same time. The truth is, perfectly clear skin is a dream for most people. In reality, achieving it isn’t as simple was washing your face two or three times a day, exfoliating regularly, eating healthy. So we talked to girls who know how to maintain a blemish-free complexion for some good advice.


1. They never go to bed with makeup on.

This is when we should really listen to our mothers when they told us to wash our faces, no matter what. Sleeping with makeup on clogs up the skin – your face collects oil, oil, dirt and grime and this congests the pores, enlarging them over time and also irritates the skin. Makeup also rubs off on your pillows and we all know what dirty pillows breed and do to our skin. More importantly, during our sleeping hours, our skin goes into repair mode – makeup hinders this reparative process. Ensure makeup is thoroughly removed with a makeup remover such as Lemon Quartz a gentle but effective facial cleansing oil.


2. They stop pimples from going into a full-blown acne breakout

“When I notice a pimple forming, I immediately clean my face and apply Super Helper thinly. I temporarily stop using moisturizing products over the area and I do not pick or touch the pimple at all. On worse days, I try to make time to visit my facial therapist for aquadermabrasion or the Monroe Hydrafacial because new pimples are often a sign that I haven’t done something right for my skin recently.”

Adele, 27, Marketing Executive.


3. They know the importance of glycolic acid and retinol products.

Even people with clear skin know that there can be bad days, so they cleverly incorporate skin-clearing ingredients into their daily skincare regime. Moisturizing serums which contain glycolic acid or retinol such as Sleep Mode or Unicorn Tears are non-drying and oil-free, helping the skin shed and improve so that it is less likely to form acne. In fact, these help with cellular renewal so over a few weeks, skin will appear visibily more radiant.



4. They get excited when it’s time for a facial.

Some facials actually cure acne, believe it not. Clear Blue facial purges clogged pores of unwanted debris and puts you under the I-Clear, a clinical grade LED Blue light therapy which has been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria. Clear Blue and Deep Deep Clean facials can also be found in the Clean Slate sextet.


5. They Never Pick At Their Pimples

The biggest advice from those with clear skin is to never pick at the pimples. If you do, you will most likely face a scar. Look for treatments to reduce the inflammation quickly instead, such as an intralesional pimple injection at your doctor’s clinic, to speed up the recovery of an acne breakout.


By Megan Thomas

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