Month: August 2018

Beauty Secrets For Ultra-Hot Mega Pouts

We all know the main things we use our lips for, but there’s a lot more to know about your lips. Elegant, sumptuous pouts are desired by women everywhere. You see those ultra-hot pout featured on magazine covers, in lipstick ads, and on the faces of your favourite celebs (yes, Angelina, we’re talking about you). You too can have alluring, sexy lips like your favourite stars.   VOLUME UP There’s no doubt that the full-lip look is in. I’m sure when we talk about celebrities with the most sexy pouts, automatically a few names will pop up in your mind. Well first, we do agree that thin lips can be beautiful too. But these days when the ultra-hot mega pouts of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox predominate, many assimilate bee-stung pouts to full-on sex appeal. To have a sexy pout like Angelina Jolie, Natural Filler can deliver the extra volume required to convert thin lips into sumptuous pouts. “The key to attractive lips is to respect the overall Continue Reading

Spot On: Beat Acne By Its Specific Type

BY LISA WILLIAMS It’s a given that acne is annoying, anytime. But it gets progressively more frustrating and uncomfortable in summer when our smooth-skinned friends are peeling back the make-up layers while we’re left working out how to swim in foundation. Before you punch that poreless friend who repeatedly tells you to “let your skin breath in the summer and your spots will go”, consider these shortcuts to clearer skin. Read More: Is Skin Lifting Without Surgery Possible?

Why LED Light Therapy Is Good For Your Skin

You may have noticed some medispas putting an extra step in their hybrid facials – LED red or blue light. What exactly is LED light therapy and what does it do to the skin? LED stands for “light emitting diode”, which emits different colours of light energy. Not to be confused with a laser, LED light therapy was originally developed to speed up healing of wounds and post-surgical scars. In the correct wavelength, the light energy provides energy for fibroblasts in the dermis to produce collagen, giving skin a more youthful and plump appearance. Hence, apart from skin healing properties, LED light therapy has also happily found its niche in rejuvenation of healthy skin. The fact that many doctors now use LED red light as a post-laser treatment to speaks volumes of its effectiveness as an anti-ageing adjuvant.   LED Light Therapy As Standalone Or Add-On Treatments Indeed, according to Dr Kenneth Lee, founder of the SW1 Clinic, which uses the Healite II in almost all their laser treatment programs, Continue Reading

Is Skin Lifting Without Surgery Possible?

Try googling for “face lifting without surgery” and you will see links to non-invasive skin tightening treatments (there are so many!), botox, fillers and even tutorials on facial exercises or workouts. Face gyms, they call it, involves anything from rolling a ball over your face, to slapping exercises, facial sculpting with jade. Muscle manipulation is believed by face gym fanatics to improve the appearance of sagging faces, and hopefully this reshapes one’s face to a more youthful visage in time. Whether 30 minutes of facial exercises is able to noticeably lift sagging skin remains to be seen but truthfully, I am skeptical of it, because it reminds me of older ladies I see at the gym who are even stronger than I am, but still have loose, crepey skin all over. Also, there is no certainty of anything. For example, how long will I need to do facial exercises before I can expect a visible facelift effect? At least for non-invasive skin lifting treatments such as the FDA-approved Ultherapy, I Continue Reading