I Tried A Photoshop Retouch Effect Treatment. You Will Want It Too.

Apparently, the highly coveted luminous complexion of Korean actresses and models can be achieved these days with some minor help from your skin doctor, and it doesn’t take forever to see results. If you want to get beautiful skin in a week, there is a new glow treatment at the SW1 Clinic that will give you results – the Baby Skin Program.

The BB Aquatouch Laser is a unique sub-ablative thulium laser of the 1927 wavelength. Lasers of this wavelength are extremely effective in targeting the epidermal basal layer and is the bane of sun damaged skin and pigmentation. Not only that, it has an instant brightening effect, and skin texture and elasticity is also improved dramatically. It is the bane of dull and rough skin, fine lines and enlarged pores.

The BB Aquatouch Laser is so called because of its superb ability to improve skin texture and tone, similar to the effect of applying a BB cream onto the skin. Watery clear and luminous skin is now within reach. SW1’s elegant Baby Skin Program combines BB Aquatouch with Pearl Éclat, an add-on post-laser treatment which bathes the skin in a rice and carrot callous stem cell extract. If that doesn’t sound nourishing enough, Glutathione, a potent anti-aging and whitening antioxidant is included in this 2-ml ampoule specially curated by Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of the SW1 Clinic.


What is the Baby Skin Program?

This consists of 6 pampering sessions of BB Aquatouch laser, followed by a radiance gel wrap, and alternate treatments of Pearl Éclat or LED Red.


Clearer, luminous skin can be seen as early as within 3 days. This treatment is the crown jewel of all skin illuminating treatments and this is because it is cleverly devised by people who know healthy and amazing skin. Pearl Éclat is efficiently absorbed by open channels in the skin immediately post laser (allow me to digress, because this is so clever, considering that in other countries, most extracts are usually injected into skin to increase absorption). Including all the longer benefits of the ingredients of this little miraculous ampoule, it also cools and soothes skin, therefore there is little redness and skin glows under a mild pink tint in just hours after you walk out of the clinic.

So perfectly clear and amazing skin is no longer a distant dream but a reality. Find out more about the treatment here.


By Megan Thomas

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