Proven Tricks That Make Any Diet Work Better

So maybe some of you can relate to the kind of frustration I have with the 5 odd kilos or so that has proven impossible to shed with any kind of exercise or diet. And I am pretty sure I haven’t been slack about things – I even clean my own house quite regularly, thinking perhaps that extra bit of a meaningful workout might just result in me getting that flatter stomach and smaller waist.



I came across a fitness magazine one day and there was this article about targeting stubborn fat and spot reduction. The article wrote that it was impossible to target fat localized in a particular area only. The theory was that we burn fat all over and it was impossible to concentrate fat burning efforts in one place.

That is actually incorrect. To burn fat, it needs to be released from the cell i.e. lipolysis. Stubborn fat is stubborn because it releases fat more slowly, and it is more insulin sensitive (think of fat cells that are more insulin sensitive as fat-loving – they store fat and hate parting with it). They also tend to be in areas that are further away from the “core” of the body e.g. love handles, saddlebags (and hence the theory of losing weight with the aid of heat).

There are various schools of thought about the right amount of dieting or exercise to lose weight efficiently and for real. General dieting and exercising will normally see a positive change in the body, but people who are more lean will often notice that their stubborn fatty areas are not responding as well as the body reduces fat much faster than the stubborn areas do. Do you then diet even more and exercise even more (which usually exacerbates the difference between the normal and stubborn fat areas) or do you take a leap of faith and eat more and exercise even more (in which case, if you overeat or under-exercise, you are scr*wed).

Alternatively, there is an easier way to kill off the fat. Forever. (Wow)




1. Fat Cryolipolysis/ Coolshape

Fat crylipolysis is more affectionately known as fat freezing, the procedure which is strangely connected to popsicles, where loss of cheek fat was noticed following sucking on a frozen popsicle (popsicle panniculitis). It followed that applying extreme cold of a precise temperature to fat would result in the permanent loss of fat cells, leaving other surrounding structures intact, and cryolipolysis quickly became one of the most effective non-invasive alternatives to liposuction surgery. This is an FDA-approved procedure, and one can expect up to 20% of fat loss within a single treatment. Find out more about Coolshape and Supermodel Sixpack Program.


2. Onda Body Magic

Remember I talked about applying heat to release fat from cells as a way of stubborn fat loss? ONDA Body Magic is an exciting, new fat reduction and skin tightening device. Using microwave energy to bulk heat beneath the skin (yes you heard me right), this effectively causes fat cells to spill out their contents – think of it as making fat cells sweat. When the fat cells do not recover, the body stops using them as fat storage sites. At the same time, the heat stimulates the skin to produce collagen, resulting in smoother and tighter skin over time.



3. Don’t Forget The Cellulite

If you have a stubborn fat problem, chances you have cellulite. Cellu-Melt is an interesting treatment which uses a blend of active ingredients delivered into the skin using an “acu-point” technique, resulting in more plump, less lumpy and smoother-looking skin.


So if you are facing that small but really stubborn pound of flesh and wondering what you can do about it, try one of these smart treatments and get rid of them once and for all!


By Megan Thomas


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