Youth – A state of mind?

A youth is defined by the National Youth Council as someone between the ages of 15 and 35. Although being a youth is limited by age, there are no barriers to being youthful. You can be youthful regardless of your age if you have characteristics that embody a young person. Quick-witted, high energy levels and passionate are just some of the many characteristics of young people. Out of the many, which characteristics are important to you and how do you plan to achieve it even when you become 50? I think one aspect which contributes to being youthful is your appearance. You wouldn’t want to feel like a 30-year-old but look like you’re 50, right? Although you are not defined by your looks, we can’t deny that it contributes to your persona. For a start, you can upkeep yourself by regularly going for facials to target your skin concerns. If you want to up your game, you can try non-invasive and painless treatments to keep the wrinkles and crow’s feet at Continue Reading

Rating Ways People Have Tried to Plump Their Lips

Ever since Kylie Jenner popularized having thick lips ever since 2015, the Internet has come up with many creative ways to enhance their natural lips without undergoing aesthetic procedures. But are these methods effective? Are they even safe?   Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge First off, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Can you believe this trend was popular 7 years ago? It felt like yesterday when I saw pictures of bruised lips flooding the Internet. For a period then, people were using the suction of shot glasses to increase the size of their lips. Doctors stepped out to advise netizens of the dangers of this challenge. A few managed to get thicker lips without the bruising, but those were the minority of the lot. Rating: According to Internet sources, could potentially help you achieve plump lips but at the cost of breaking your blood capillaries around your lips.   Glue lips Fast forward to 2021, the Internet is still obsessed with thick lips. The creative users of TikTok came up with Continue Reading

Got Unused SingapoRediscovery Vouchers?

Here’s a PSA, the SingapoRediscovery vouchers (SRV) are expiring in a few months! Have you used the $100 credit? As of January 2021, there’s more than 300,000 people who have used these vouchers. Comparing it to the number of Singaporeans we have (more than 3 million), that number really isn’t too high. If you happen to be one of those who has yet to use your vouchers, let me recommend some things you could do and some places you could visit!   For The Troubled Take a break from work and say ‘Yes’ to staycations! Although not a perfect substitute for overseas trips, staycations are a great getaway from our usually hectic schedule. Just imagine this, checking in to Marina Bay Sands in the afternoon, taking a short nap before heading to YardBird for dinner. The following morning, you can have a dip in the infinity pool and take some aesthetic photos of yourself. To prepare for your million-dollar shot of your back and the skyline, clear out your bacne Continue Reading

Did You Hear About The Girl With The Big Cheeks?

I chanced across this video recently which showed the girl with the biggest cheeks in the world. My first thought was: Oh my, is this just a stunt for attention? But as I watched on, I realised that she genuinely thinks she looks better with such big cheeks. Now, these big cheeks obviously did not come naturally, she had undergone multiple aesthetic procedures to achieve her current look. To enhance the volume of her cheeks, she used fillers. According to an interview she did with This Morning, she mentioned that she doesn’t keep track of the number of procedures that she has undergone and has probably spent over USD $2,000. Here’s shocking news! Indifferent to the consequences of having infections or getting disfigured, she injects the fillers into her face all by herself! She is confident that she can professionally do it herself since she attended cosmetology school online. I don’t need to be a doctor to say that going down to a clinic to get a doctor to inject your fillers Continue Reading

#BEAUTYTOK: Bye Bye Pimples

  I am embarrassed to admit that I scroll TikTok for an unhealthy amount of time each day. Since each video is only less than a minute long, it is very easy to lose track of time. There are all types of content on TikTok, especially about skin. People are giving out advice on how to fix bad skin. I am skeptical about the feasibility and results of the advice. So let’s discuss it and decide if it’s good or bad advice.   Hydrocolloid pimple patches If you search “hydrocolloid pimples”, there will be endless videos of people showing their satisfying peels after using the hydrocolloid patches. But how do these pimple patches work? Do they work? Curious about the science behind it, I turned to Google. According to Healthline, these pimple patches are effective.  Firstly, they act as a protection from bacteria, bacteria from your hands and the external environment. Secondly, these patches are made to soak up the pus from the surface-level pimples. However, these patches do not Continue Reading