Author: Joycelyn

The most important word in the dictionary

No is such a difficult word. It is one of the first few words that we speak as a child, but as we mature, it is rarely spoken. Learning how to say no is such an important skill but it is so difficult for so many people. It is not easy for humans to reject one another because of ‘empathy’. We don’t want to see someone get hurt because of us. We don’t want to contribute to someone else’s pain. However, it is important to have this skill so we can keep toxicity at bay. Knowing how to reject someone is also a way of protecting ourselves against getting manipulated by people with bad intentions. When they see that you know how to reject others, you are not viewed as a meek sheep who agrees to just about anything. Here are some tips to make rejecting people easier. Just say it Sometimes when you are suffering from a specific skin concern, say acne, it is important to go for a Continue Reading

Taking Charge of Your Feminine Health

Treatments for maintaining our lady bits are not commonly heard of which could be because of our conservative culture in sunny Singapore where it is taboo to talk about feminine health. However, it is important to take care of our nether regions for various reasons. Not taking good care of your intimate areas could lead to bacteria growth and hence infections. It might also reduce your confidence as it might become an insecurity of yours during your sexual relations. Hence it is important to give some time, love and care to your intimate area to maintain its tiptop condition.   Discolouration If you notice that the skin around your vagina no longer look the same and has discoloured, don’t be worried. This could be a result of wearing tight undergarments causing a lack of ventilation in that region. Another natural reason could be due to daily activities like exercising and walking. If that is something that is affecting your confidence, there are whitening treatments to help lighten these areas. Using Continue Reading

Want to Maskfish?

Maskfishing, the new catfishing. This term, which was coined following the rise in usage of face masks, describes people who look better with a mask. Personally, I don’t think there should be a negative connotation to this word. If anything, it is just a new realisation that these people have pretty facial features, which have not been appreciated by others. Now that people recognise that they have pretty features, they should be proud of that! This has given me an idea on how to look more attractive with a mask on! Eyebrows You can disagree with me, but I think the only person who can make having no brows work is Jeffree Star. As for the rest of us, we need brows. In fact, I think having neat eyebrows are the most critical factor in helping us appear done up and ready for the day. You’re lucky if you have naturally thick brows because all you need to do is to ensure it stays in the right shape. As for Continue Reading

Learning From the Young Us

While searching up holidays in the month of October (as one does), I saw “Children’s Day”. Then, a pang of nostalgia hit me. As I reminisce about the fun celebrations I had eons ago in school, I can’t help but reflect on the things we can all learn from our young selves. We’ve gone through a wide variety of experiences that have helped shape us into the adults we are today. As the good, the bad and the ugly become more apparent to us, we lose the childlike innocence we once had. Oh, what a shame. This void is then filled by skepticism. As much as I resent the fact that this is the natural process of growing up, I must agree that skepticism is important for survival in today’s world. Along the way, we lose many things, our youth, our innocence and maybe even the wonder we have for this world. But there are some things that we shouldn’t lose. Never lose your sense of self. It is important Continue Reading

Ways to Prevent a Greasy Face

For my oily-skin pals, I understand your pain. I too have been seeking new ways to not appear so shiny throughout the day. Here are some recommendations that might work for you! Anything Green Tea If you observe facial products targeted at people with oily skin in the market, you would realise that green tea products are very popular. This is because green tea contains antioxidant elements to help reduce the sebum production on your face. Green tea clay masks would be especially useful to you because you would be able to absorb the dirt and debris on your face. The combination of green tea and clay would be helpful in the control of oil on your face. Mattify Complexion Another option would be to take steps to clear the oil on your face throughout the day. One product you could try is the Clear Tonic Mint-Infused Clarifying Facial Tonic. Apart from the refreshing mint smell, it is also very useful when it comes to purging the pimples and controlling Continue Reading