Month: December 2022

Treating post festive bloating

During the holiday festive season, it is difficult to stay away from feasting and saying no even when we are full. I am sure most of us are not strangers to bloating due to overeating post festive celebration. Here are some useful tips to reduce your bloating.   Staying hydrated and drinking enough water Do you notice yourself bloating after eating sodium-rich food even when you do not overeat? The reason is because our kidneys retain water due to the excess of sodium in our diet, making us feel bloated everywhere. Hence, drinking more water will help flush out some of that sodium and water, which will make it feel less distended.   Avoid salty foods Besides keeping ourselves hydrated, we should also avoid having salty foods. We recommend preparing food at home instead of dining out, to control the amount of salt used to cook our meals.   Light exercises A 15-minute brisk walk and staying active increase the motility of our colon, which reduces the amount of time Continue Reading

5 benefits of facial treatments

Christmas is near! It is time to get your glow up with some facial treatments for faster result. Facial deep cleansing helps to eliminate dead skins and impurities to keep your skin healthy no matter the skin type. Facial treatments would give a lot of benefits to the skin and below would be 5 benefits of Facials.   Reducing Stress People go to spa in order to release stress and it is no different when it comes to facial treatments. The face has several pressure points that are linked to various systems in your body. As a result, the benefits of facials extend not only to bright skin but also to organs.   Skin Cleansing A facial can help eliminate the buildup of oil and debris that an ordinary cleanser cannot. Professionals use a cleansing lotion or foam to thoroughly cleanse your face and neck. They may also use devices such as a sonic cleanser or scrubber. This process aids in the removal of deeply embedded filth and excess oil Continue Reading

Aesthetics Treatments with Minimal to No Downtime

“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” — Alexander Smith   Do you want to get a glow up this upcoming Christmas and New Year? Hate having to wait for your skin to heal after certain treatments?  Are you looking for a treatment with minimal to no downtime?   Here are 3 aesthetic treatments with minimal to no downtime and only takes 30 – 45 minutes per session: Youth Preserve is a non-invasive skin remodelling treatment using Profhilo®, one of the purest forms of Hyaluronic Acid that is almost chemical-free. The hyaluronic acid will be released slowly into your skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production. It is proven to revive 4 different types of collagen in the 3 main layers of your skin. Benefits: Tighter and younger looking skin Smoothens fine lines and removes wrinkles Removes unwanted marks or dents on your skin Improves skin texture by softening it Increase in hydration in your skin which makes you look radiant   Water Drop Lift treatment increases moisture Continue Reading