Squid Game (Skincare Edition)

I am sure many of you have heard of the highly raved Netflix series – Squid Game. Without spoiling it for anyone, in this series, participants participate in several seemingly easy games to see who emerge victorious. If you win, you get to take home $45.6 billion dollars. Sounds simple and enticing right? But with great rewards, comes great risks. The punishment of this game is fatal.

Now it got me thinking, what if we had a survival gameshow adapted to skincare? If I were in charge, what kind of challenges would I put in place? After some thought, here’s what I would organize.


  • Skincare Routine

I think it would be interesting to see everyone present what they think is the right way to put on their skincare products. Like the games involved in the show, it’s not difficult to be right, but also not difficult to be wrong. Cleanse, tone, serum, essence and then a moisturizer. 5 basic steps. But I have a strong feeling that many still get it wrong, hence not reaping the full benefits of their skincare products.


  • Spot It

In this next game, I would put 4 different categories of products for participants to choose from. Namely, sensitive skin, dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin. It’s simple. Just choose a product suitable for your skin type. (Of course, as the mastermind behind this, I would have access to information about everyone’s skin type) The dire consequence of using the wrong type of skincare is unimaginable. Imagine using an oily skin product on your sensitive skin?  I can only imagine the amount of redness it would cause. Or using a masque suitable for dry to normal skin on your oily face? This isn’t to say that those products are not good, but just like how you shouldn’t judge a fish based on its ability to climb a tree, you shouldn’t judge a product if you use it inappropriately.


  • Pop Pop Pimples

As much as we know that we shouldn’t be squeezing our pimples, we still do it. I think the satisfaction that we get from doing so is far too great that it outweighs the potential scars that might be left behind. Once you pop a zit on your face, you would automatically be eliminated from this game. Don’t touch your already inflamed pimples!

  • 2 Truth 1 Lie

The size of our pores can be changed. Clogged pores can be a result of excessive skincare. Congested pores can result in acne. In this round, participants must guess, which is a myth, and which other 2 statements are right.

Just a spoiler, the first statement is a myth. You can’t alter the size of your pores permanently and using cold water doesn’t shrink your pores. Yes, I’m not kidding! Cold water doesn’t actually shrink your pores, so dirt can still get into it, which is why you still need to go for regular facial sessions to cleanse your skin!


So, at which stage would you have been eliminated? Or would you be the last man standing?

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