So Why Do We Blame Our Bodies?

“If a pair of shoes don’t fit, you just get another pair in a bigger size. So why do you blame your body when you can’t fit into an item of clothing?”

I saw this quote on Instagram recently and it really struck me. Why do we blame our bodies when clothes are a little too small? Why can’t we just get one in a bigger size? All these years of seeing only ‘picture perfect’ models on our screens, we’ve been tuned to believe that only by achieving the gold standard set by society, then can we be beautiful. Skinny, small waist, smooth skin.

But this is far from the truth. The standards of beauty for our bodies are ever-changing. Just look at this article. It is clear evidence that there is no fixed standard for beauty.

In my eyes, being healthy is beautiful. When your mind and body are healthy, you naturally shine from within.

In my opinion, exercising regularly and having a good digestive system are 2 of the more important aspects to me. Exercising doesn’t mean running a 42km marathon. It could be something as simple as brisk walking 2km a few times a week. Alternatively, you could also engage in some simple home workouts. (Try this Chloe Ting HIIT!)

Something that isn’t as simple to achieve would be to have a good digestive system. Yes, it is a symbol of health!

A healthy digestive system means that your body is able to extract the best nutrition from your food intake. Recently, I’ve seen an increase in the number of people who have complaints about having irregular bowel movements (especially on tiktok!). If you too are suffering from inconsistent bowel movements, you can try a natural herbal bowel regulator – the Daily Cleanse. Combining 17 of nature’s most powerful digestion-optimising ingredients to support you. It helps you detox from your stomach, your liver as well as your kidney. Plus, it helps to reduce gas and bloating too!

So why do we blame our bodies when we don’t match the unrealistic, ever-changing and irrelevant beauty standards that society has set for ourselves?

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