Blue Light is Harmful… Or is it?

Lights can be described as our trusty assistant. They help us see clearly, hence accomplishing our tasks. But these trusty assistants are also capable of hurting us. How can we turn evil into good? How can we be the master of them and control it to benefit us?


  1. Ultraviolet rays

It is no secret that being under the sun without proper protection is detrimental to our skin’s health. Premature ageing and dark spots are some of the unwanted damages we want to avoid. That being said, not all about the sun is bad. In fact, getting some vitamin D is good for the improvement of our health as it helps to regulate our moods. Don’t ask me about the science of it, but if I had to fathom a guess, I would say the brightness of the sun has a factor to play in lifting our dull moods!

In this never-ending covid-19 era, there is already a lot of restrictions on the things we can do. If going to the beach or doing activities under the sun makes us happy, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do just that! Instead of hiding indoors, protect your skin with your trusty sunscreen. For a quick and no-fuss option, you can opt for spray sunscreen. The snow white sunscreen is great for using on the go! Be it your face or your body, this product is suitable. Just a heads-up, this SPF 30 sunscreen is on sale (50% off!) right now!

Another alternative would be to use Umbrella, the invisible umbrella for your skin. Don’t estimate this product’s capabilities, as it can be used as a makeup primer, has SPF 70, and can is water-resistant at the same time!


  1. Blue light from electronic devices

Blue light from our electronic device is bad for our eyes, but did you know it does its fair share of harm on our skin too? The light emitted from our phones can cause cell shrinkage and death, accelerating your skin’s ageing process. This is something that we cannot escape since we are almost always glued to at least 1 electronic device. Hence, you should turn on the blue light blocker on your phone. An additional barrier of protection would be to invest in a pair of blue light glasses.

Having said that, blue light used in the correct form would be able to benefit our skin, especially for acne skin. An example of the correct form of that blue light for you would be the Forever Clear BBL. Making use of blue, yellow, and red lights to help your acne situation. Paying special attention to the blue light used, it helps get target the root of your acne – the bacteria. The yellow and red light helps to calm redness and aids the healing process of your acne.


Like all most things, light is a double-edged sword. Making use of it in the right way would allow you to reap the benefits of it, while ignorance might result in bad consequences.

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