Oh no, I Have White Hair. Now What?

White hair oh white hair, what a vexing problem. There’s nothing we can do to prevent white hair from growing. Afterall, it is all part of ageing. Apart from ageing, it can also be caused by external factors such as stress, bad lifestyle habits like smoking. Some might find white hair unsightly, so what can we do about our white hair?


  • Hair Dye

The market is saturated with many products to cover white hair. Regular salon visits are part of some’s monthly self-care routine. Depending on your preference for a new fresh coat of colour, or just a touch up of the hair roots, it can be costly. This is why box dyes are here to the rescue. Cheap, convenient, and efficient, these things get the job done in a jiffy. More recently, there has also been a more convenient and efficient way of covering your roots, and that is in the form of hair spray.


10 years ago, reversing grey hair might seem like a dream. But today, this dream has become a reality at SW1 Clinic. In short, the White Hair Labo Program helps to reverse grey hair, combining in-clinic and at-home sessions. Having naturally black hair as compared to regular dyeing sessions sounds better if you ask me!


  • Rock it

If all else fails, just rock your white hair! I’ve seen some elders who are not afraid to rock their white hair. And indeed, they do look good even with a whole bed of white hair. I mean, after experiencing so much in life, who even cares about the judgement of outsiders who don’t know enough!


Dealing with white hair can be a stressful situation. One might even grow more white hair from the stress of dealing with white hair. However, we can take comfort in the fact that we are born in this era, where there is a plethora of choices at different price ranges when it comes to dealing with white hair!

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