How do the Korean ‘oppas’ do it?

Most celebrities have flawless skin because it is part of their job to always look their best in front of the cameras. But specifically Korean male celebrities, they somehow look better as they age. I mean just look at Hyun Bin, he is the perfect example.

What is the Korean secret? How does one achieve such good skin? How do you maintain your thick and luscious hair? If you have ever wondered how to look as good as the Korean oppas, this article is for you.

Step one to looking as good as Korean celebrities would be to have a clear complexion. One of the ways to do that would be to have a good skincare routine to prevent breakouts. Follow the skincare rigorously so that your skin is well-nourished. If you don’t have breakouts but have been dealing with stubborn acne scars, you can give the Pico Smooth treatment a try! Designed to target your skin’s problems without damaging the surrounding skin, this treatment helps in improving your acne scars and minimizing pores. Additionally, it is also able to stimulate collagen to your skin to help you be looking like 30 when you are 40.

Step two would be to have a head full of hair. Hair plays a big part in your appearance, especially for guys. With luscious thick hair, you can style your hair in as many ways as your heart desires. But as we grow older, our hair starts thinning and dropping. If you happen to be part of the statistic who deal with hair loss, fret not. Its not the end of the world yet. The Revage 670 Laser can stop hair loss and increase your hair density. This FDA-approved treatment is clinically shown to have an 85% success rate in stopping the progression of hair loss! The best part, it takes only 30 minutes per session, and it is painless!

With flawless skin and a head full of hair, you can be on your way to looking like an oppa too!


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