Did You Hear About The Girl With The Big Cheeks?

I chanced across this video recently which showed the girl with the biggest cheeks in the world. My first thought was: Oh my, is this just a stunt for attention? But as I watched on, I realised that she genuinely thinks she looks better with such big cheeks. Now, these big cheeks obviously did not come naturally, she had undergone multiple aesthetic procedures to achieve her current look.

To enhance the volume of her cheeks, she used fillers. According to an interview she did with This Morning, she mentioned that she doesn’t keep track of the number of procedures that she has undergone and has probably spent over USD $2,000. Here’s shocking news! Indifferent to the consequences of having infections or getting disfigured, she injects the fillers into her face all by herself! She is confident that she can professionally do it herself since she attended cosmetology school online.

I don’t need to be a doctor to say that going down to a clinic to get a doctor to inject your fillers for you would be the best thing to do. Firstly, it is safe. Doctors are trained for many years and they know how to skillfully and safely inject the fillers. Furthermore, aesthetic doctors have a keen eye for beauty. Hence, they would know the right amount of fillers to give you the best look while still looking natural.

Secondly, there are so many different brands and types of fillers that can be used. Not to mention, there are many areas in which you can get fillers. Forehead, lips, chin, cheeks, temple are just some areas. This is where knowledgeable doctors step in, they can choose the most suitable type of fillers for your needs.

I think there’s no shame in pursuing beauty, but not at the expense of your safety. Because what is the point of being beautiful if you are unable to enjoy what life has to offer? If you are looking for skilled aesthetic doctors to beautify you, SW1 Clinic is the place to go. Check it out for yourself!

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