Low Calorie Ingredients for a Healthier You

After asking around for tips on losing weight, I realised the most important tip is that diet is king. Even if you exercise regularly but don’t stick to a healthy diet, it might not be easy to see those numbers on the scale drop.

Not sure about you, but I used to associate a ‘healthy diet’ to unappetising food like cold salads and bland chicken breasts. Having a healthy diet seemed like an insurmountable task to me until I discovered some delicious ingredients that are low in calories.

The best thing I discovered was shirataki noodles. As the noodles are made of a substance found in konjac root, they are very low in calories. These noodles are life-changing because I did not need to indulge in carb-filled options like rice and regular noodles anymore. Although I needed some time to get used to the texture and smell of the noodles, it was worth it since they tasted just like regular noodles after a boil. You can enjoy these noodles in soup or dry tossed with some sauce. Since they are so low in calories, you can definitely afford to add in your favourite ingredients without feeling as guilty.


Another ingredient that I really love is mushroom. Don’t look down on these fungi. These guys contain no fat, no cholesterol and are low in calories. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Mushrooms are also filling, and you wouldn’t need to eat a huge portion of it just to satiate your hunger. Also, If you are looking for a meat-free alternative, mushrooms are a great option as they are described by many to have that ‘meaty texture’. Because of its texture, you can use this to make many things like pasta sauce and stews as well!


Apart from Korean celebrities, kimchi is the next best thing to originate from Korea. It is no secret that kimchi is good for the body as it contains healthy bacteria to aid digestion. Moreover, this fermented vegetable is also low in calories since the main ingredient used is cabbage. If you enjoy sour and spicy food, then kimchi is made is for you!


Last but not least, if you are looking for a detox to supplement your eating habits, you can try this! Without needing to alter your lifestyle and eating habits majorly, the Purification 1-day Cleanse gently boosts your major detoxifying organs. It uses a combination of 7 cleansing herbs to revitalise your body. This product will surely be useful to you in your journey to become healthier!


These ingredients are a must-have for me when I feel like I need to have a delicious, guilt-free and fuss-free meal. Here’s an additional tip for you! Together with a few additional condiments like sugar, rice vinegar and sesame meal, these ingredients can be combined to create a hearty meal for yourself. Enjoy!

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