Are You Applying Your Skincare Wrongly?

Getting good products for your skin is no doubt important. But how many people complement their good skincare products with the correct application techniques? This might result in your products appearing to be less effective.

Don’t negate your effort by using improper application techniques! Read on to find out if you are committing these skincare mistakes!


  • Tugging the Undereyes

When you are applying your anti-ageing eye cream, are you dragging your fingers across your delicate skin? The skin around your eye is very thin and hence you shouldn’t apply too much pressure on it as it might cause wrinkles. Instead, you can use your finger to lightly dab a thin layer of cream on your undereyes.

A good eye product would be easily absorbed into your skin without needing much pressure. If you are looking for a good and non-sticky eye serum, the Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum is a good choice. Infused with real gold particles, it helps to fight obvious signs of ageing under your eyes!


  • Wrong Product Sequence

The sequence in which you apply the product is almost as important as the product itself. If you applied a serum after the face oil, the serum might not be able to penetrate the face oil to reach your skin. What this means is that you might not be able to see the promised results of the product. As a guideline, you should always try to apply the products with the lighter consistency first!


  • Too Many Skincare Products

Many also commit the mistake of piling on too much skincare. Yes, it might be good to use a variety of different serums to target different issues. However, using too many different types of skincare products might cause your skin to be irritated and even result in breakouts. It is best not to overdo it and stick with a few effective products.

This skincare kit  is a prime example of having a simple skincare routine that works. Everything in this skincare kit works together to give you that radiant and even complexion.


Now that you are aware of some of the improper techniques of applying skincare, you can be sure to avoid these to reap the maximum benefit of your skincare products!


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