Do You Know Your Botox Facts?

Botox is the famous anti-wrinkle treatment, but how much do you know about it?

MYTH: There is only 1 type of “Botox”

Fact: Many people use the term “botox” for the treatment, but did you know that Botox is a brand name? Just like how Band-Aid has become a household name, people have come to associate all adhesive bandages as the same, but there are actually different brands. Dysport and Xeomin are other brand names of botulinum toxin that is used like Botox to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Each brand has its own characteristics, so your doctor will usually choose the most suitable brand for your concerns. The most important take-home message here is, get the real thing injected, and not some scary, non FDA-approved knock-off.


MYTH: Botox is only for wrinkles

Fact: This is a big, fat no-no-no. Apart from wrinkles, Botox (cosmetic) is also FDA-approved for primary axillary hyperhydrosis (Botox hyperhydrosis), a term for excessive sweating of the underarms. Cosmetic doctors have long been using Botox (off-label) for bruxism, jaw slimming. Very diluted botox (Microrefine Botox) delivered in small aliquots very superficially or intradermally into the skin on the face treats oil and sweat glands, resulting in reduced oil, sweat production and has a pore minimization effect.

But that’s not all. Botox can also be injected to shape and to lift. Sharpen a sagging jawline with the Botox Nefertiti technique, or lift droopy brows with botox browlift.


MYTH: Botox is done only after wrinkles become visible

Fact: Prejuvenation is the new game of the anti-aging approach. The goal is to delay the signs of aging for as long as possible, before they appear. Women (and men) as young as the early 30s are starting Botox prejuvenation- having light doses of Botox in the forehead, frown and crow’s feet areas every 5 or 6 months. These doses are only required to soften dynamic wrinkles, so the degree of skin folding is reduced.


MYTH: Botox is permanent

Fact: Sorry to disappoint, but the effects of Botox last approximately 4-6 months. Botox hyperhydrosis may last longer, on average 7 to 8 months. However, having regular shots of botox tends to improve the duration of effects.


MYTH: Botox can improve sun damage

Fact: Oops sorry, Botox does nothing for the complexion except for the air-brushed effect of Microrefine. So if you are hoping that your anti-wrinkle jab can also erase some freckles or pesky pigmentation, you will be disappointed. Pigmentation treatments include Pico Pigment, Sciton Broadband Light (BBL) and BB Aquatouch (Fraxel Thulium).

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