You Are Doing It Wrong: Mistakes That Make Acne Breakouts Worse

Trying your best to clear the blemishes from your skin? If they are not going away, there is a chance that what you have been doing could be doing more harm than good.

Exfoliating Too Much

When we get a breakout, some of us go into a cleansing frenzy and scrub our faces more often, hoping to rid our skin of clogged pores or dead skin so that breakouts will stop. While exfoliation is important, too much of it can aggravate a breakout and increase risks of scarring. Instead of physical exfoliation or literally scrubbing your skin with an exfoliating brush or sponge, try chemical exfoliation instead, such as a daily salicylic acid serum, or a home peel once every fortnightly.

Not Cleansing Your Face After A Workout

Guess what? Bacteria on the skin from sweating can clog pores and cause infections, so be sure to cleanse the skin as soon as possible after your workout. If you are prone to breakouts then something as simple as a salicylic acid foaming wash would do the trick.

Skin Laundry III is a mildly foaming gentle salicylic acid facial wash that helps cleanse oily or inflamed skin without irritating it.


Over-Applying The Pimple Cream

Spot treatments are what people usually reach for to make a zit disappear quickly. They may make a spot go away faster than it would on its own but using zit cream literally all over the face in hope of preventing acne could make things worse. These usually contain ingredients that can make the skin red, sensitive, flaky or even painful. So use the pimple cream like what it is used for – for spot treatments, and find something better to apply all over for prevention, such as a glycolic acid serum which unclogs your pores overnight.

Sleep Mode contains glycolic acid in a soothing aloe vera base that quietly unclogs and smoothens skin overnight as you sleep.


Applying Hair Products Too Near The Roots or Hairline

If nothing else you are doing works, it could be your hair, or hair products. Certain hair products can lead to acne breakouts, especially around the hairline. Look into how you use your hair products and whether you might be applying them too close to the roots. And treatment products such as hair masks and conditioners often not washed off properly are common culprits.



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