Fun Quarantine Workouts For The Family

Mother’s Day this year was profoundly different. Well beyond the loss of their daily routines, many working mothers who now have to work from home, cook, and juggle kids while schools are closed are facing levels of stress they never knew existed. And they are dealing with waves of guilt – guilt from not being able to dedicate their efforts fully to either work or kids, they are also feeling guilty about not being able to stick to their regular fitness or body-fit sculpting treatments.

In trying to balance one’s own fitness, work, and kids, it is OK to concede that perhaps surviving this period is enough of an achievement. But you don’t have to throw all exercise or fun out of the window. Here are some ideas on how to engage your kids and have a little bit of a workout yourself at home.



LESMILLS offers workouts online, and their BODYCOMBAT is a high-energy martial-arts inspired workout that is non-contact and easy to follow. Follow the instructor on-screen for a great upper and lower body workout, the kids will have a blast trying moves such as jab-cross, uppercut, hook, knee strikes, front/side/back and roundhouse kicks!



If you and your kids enjoy dancing workouts, try 305 Fitness, which is offering free virtual classes via youtube.


Homecourt is a clever agility app that uses artificial intellience to let everyone continue to enjoy the sports they love at home. Soccer players can find ball control drills, and other fitness activities such as the ladder drill, cone dribbles, and even crossfit in the app. Homecourt is free until 31st May 2020.

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