3 DIY Face Scrubs You Have Always Had In Your Kitchen

You probably never thought of this, but most of us probably already have that perfect inventory for a great DIY facial scrub in our kitchens. And since you already have these, and they are inexpensive, it could be really fun to try using what you have. So raid your kitchen cupboards and mix them up for your very own customized face scrub! Here are a few great (and safe) ideas.


I first got this idea from… my manicurist! Using different versions for their extensive mani- and pedi- sessions, this can revive even the dullest and roughest-feeling feet (let alone a dull facial complexion). You only need to titrate how strong the exfoliation should be. Sugar crystals help buff away dry and dead skin on the surface, and both honey and sugar are both natural humectants – locking in moisture.


This basic baking ingredient has a fine unique texture that’s perfect as an inexpensive at-home microdermabrasion facial scrub. Just add a teaspoonful of this to your usual cream or liquid cleanser to convert it into a double duty scrub.


Rice powder is an excellent ingredient for brightening complexion, and it also absorbs oil. In fact, this is a common scrub used in many resort spas in some parts of Asia for the face and body. Egg white acts as a mild peel. To make rice powder, simple grind some brown or white rice. If you don’t have rice, you can do the same with almonds to make almond powder. Whip an egg white into a paste and add it in. Now you have a scrub!


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