Simple Makeovers To Know For A New You

As the old adage goes, “Beauty is only skin deep”. Indeed, great glowing skin will not make you “Woman of the Year” or fix your love life directly. But feeling beautiful in your skin can certainly give you a confidence boost to put your best foot forward. Here are two examples to see if the latest and hottest aesthetic treatments are really worth the hype.



Adult acne driven by hormonal changes often plagues ladies in their 20s and 30s (and sometimes well beyond).  If topical products ain’t cutting it and oral medications do not make it to your preferred list, advanced light-based therapies such as anti-acne laser and LED light might be your answer to put a pause on pimples and accompanying scars.



What the Doctor Says: “This lady had hormonal acne along her jawline and chin, as well as clogged pores in her Tzone. The stubborn red scars just worsen the situation visually. The Vbeam Perfecta laser used in our Purity Program reduces the pimple-causing bacterial load and regulates the oil gland activity simultaneously to control breakouts, clear bumpy whiteheads and blackheads and refine pore size. This laser is also an ideal choice in this case as it heals persistent red scars, soothes skin flushing in sensitive, redness-prone skin and removes broken capillaries for an even, luminous skin tone. A simple skincare regime which includes Skin Laundry III, Skin Rescue and Blue Orchid will help keep her pores pristine, breakouts at bay and skin balanced.”



If a fallen face has left you looking (and feeling) forlorn, the new Silhouette Instalift might just put a smile back onto your uplifted visage. Like a veritable reset button, this non-surgical mini lift suspends the effect time and gravity on the cheeks, jawline and brows. Best of all, the results are natural as this new-generation threadlift is made of 100 percent absorbable material that’s tried-and-tested as surgical sutures for years, and will gradually dissolve away spontaneously over a few months. By that time, your skin tissue would have re-perched themselves to their uplifted positions, imparting a more radiant youthful look to your overall appearance.    

What the Doctor Says: “The Silhouette Instalift is a very satisfying treatment for both the patient and the physician alike, as this quick and simple non-surgical lift that’s performed through just a few small injections elevates saggy cheeks and jowls immediately, and without enforced recovery time behind closed curtains. But its benefit does not stop there. Over the next 3 to 4 months, a patient can expect to enjoy a further lifting of the skin for a shapelier face with less wrinkles, as new collagen is stimulated by the self-resorbing threads to strengthen the deep supportive layers of the skin.”


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