This Sneaky Facial Tightens Your Skin Without Needles

Skin tightening anything sounds a lot like it uses Botox, or painful face lifting treatments or surgeries, which is why I have always been wary of facials that promise time-reversing results, until I read an article about needle-free skin tightening transformations.

Apparently there is a way to activate collagen production in our skin without the need to poke or prod at our skin.



Sounds odd that a facial could do enough to tighten the skin? The star of the 24K Uplift facial is actually sound. Specifically, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). A facial slimming session that trims a droopy jaw to a V-shaped visage, the Sygmalift is introduced as a facial that includes steps to exfoliate and hydrate tired skin for a healthy glow. Sygmalift is a triple focal pulsed treatment that targets subcutaneous fat, stimulates collagen and skin remodeling, oxygenation and promotes tissue regeneration from inside out, giving skin all these benefits without any downtime.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) dives 4.5mm deep beneath the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Halfway through the facial, after the right side of my face was done, I asked my therapist if I could have a peek at my face and see if I could spot a difference, a before-after peek. She sat me up, turned on the lights in the dimly lit facial suite and handed me a mirror. My right jaw was smaller and more lifted, the texture of my skin was much better.

Will I be back for a followup session as advised? Yes.



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