What The Chinese Say About Good Skin

Do you always get breakouts on your chin? Or the jawline? What about the cheeks? Is it hormonal? Or is it some other cause?

The art of Chinese face mapping is fascinating. Believers of Chinese medicine believe that the location of skin blemishes on your face can indicate underlying systemic causes. We’ve dissected the pimple problem according to different sections of the face and potential solutions to stubborn acne.



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) connects the forehead with the nervous system and digestion. So if you have zits in these areas, you might be stressed! Cut back on late nights so you get ample rest.

Fixing stressors would be the goal, but we all know sometimes we can only improve it – we still have to meet the deadlines, or take our exams, for example. So TCM practitioners advise adapting your diet to reduce the impact of stress on your skin. Avoid sugars, fatty and processed food; instead, increase your intake of vegetables and water.

Additionally, taking a skin probiotic could help reduce the chances of pimples appearing in this area.

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Problematic skin on the cheeks is believed to be related to the liver and the lungs. It can mean poor liver metabolism or absorption of certain nutrients, or lower lung capacity.

Breakouts on the left side of the face is assodiated with “heatiness”, while breakouts on the right side of the face can mean lung concerns or sugar imbalance. Cut back on smoking and reduce intake of processed or sugary foods.

If you have breakouts and your cheeks are already prone to redness or flushing, try a gentle chemical exfoliation method such as Glamour Peel to clear oil and debris from the pores.



Blemishes along the jawline will have TCM masters look at the kidneys and signs of hormonal imbalances. Why? The TCM approach connects the kidneys to the reproductive system. Complaints of an irregular menstrual cycle, heavy periods would likely cause breakouts.

Try eating clean. Hormonal breakouts tend to by painful and cystic, which means they have high potential of scarring the skin. It may be worth visiting your doctor to discuss treatments or skincare that could help. If you tend to get breakouts just before your periods, have your skin unclogged with a deep cleansing ritual such as the Deep Deep Clean facial a week before your period.





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