Facial Features To Examine For A Lucky Chinese New Year

Chinese face reading is the ancient art of predicting a person’s future. The belief the faces can mean fortune or misfortune is something as old as the hills to the Chinese. Chinese face readers look for indicators of wealth and prosperity in the facial features. It is used by the elders to look for signs in potential daughter or sons –in-law, or individuals have been known to augment certain features to an appearance that improves character and fortune. Here are some of the most important “wealth spots” to examine for a prosperous year of the rat.



The Chinese believe that a high and round forehead is an extremely reliable indicator of wealth, suggesting that it is luck sent from heaven. The forehead should be gently curved, high and even slightly protruding. Foreheads such as these suggest respect and authority as well.

It is important that the forehead is clear of blemishes and pimples. Pigmentation or uneven skin tone can be improved visibly with pigment lasers. Ensure that the skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. Start prejuvenative Botox of the forehead to delay the formation of wrinkles



A person’s nose is a measure of a person’s potential for wealth. The Chinese favour a high and round nose, and it should be bright without spots or moles, which can be signs of obstacles to wealth. Nostrils should be neither too large or too small.

A high, clear and luminous nose bridge can be achieved non-invasively with a procedure such as the 3D nose lift.



The pearl of the lip is highly valued, especially on the face of a woman. It could mean that they will likely bring luck to their husbands. The pearl also suggests that a person is articulate and a persuasive speaker. The lips should not appear dry, as the mouth signifies a river.

Keep the lips moist with a good lip moisturizer such as Rose Quartz, or try Revitalift Lips, micro-injections of soft hyaluronic acid in the lips to keep them plump and hydrated.



A strong chin and prominent jawline suggests assets, likewise receding or disappearing jawlines with age are signs of misfortune.

A short or receding chin or jawline can be augmented with chin or jawline fillers.



Prominent, fleshy and bright cheekbones are also a sign of wealth and luck. Flat cheeks can be easily improved with a treatment such as volume high definition lift, a novel method of injecting hyaluronic acid fillers to volumise and lift lifeless cheeks.



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