Why Your Skin Gets Red And How To Fix It

Blush is one thing, facial redness is another. Redness or flushing is a way of describing the issue of (too much) blood rushing to the surface of the skin. Caused mainly be dilating of superficial blood vessels, they can occur due to a variety of internal or external triggers such as skin surface irritation, consumption of certain foods or temperature changes.

Redness isn’t just something that happens, you will be surprised at the number of conditions that can cause facial redness. Here are some of the most common ones and tips to fix it.


You have facial redness that is rather persistant (particularly on the cheeks, nose and forehead) and sometimes you get acne-like pustlules. Broken vessels might be seen and you may or may not blepharitis – swelling, redness, itchiness or pain or small bumps near the lashes of the eyes.

Keep a diary of flare-ups and avoid triggers wherever possible. Long term prescription oral treatments are common, as are topical medications to control or tone down redness. Pulsed dye lasers such as the VBeam Perfecta have been used for rosacea with good effect. Targeting only the red colour in oxygenated blood hemoglobin within blood vessels, this is the gold standard vascular laser that many in the industry reach for. Patients see visible improvements sometimes as early as the first session.



Sensitive skin is often caused by things that irritate skin, such as unsuitable skincare or skincare habits such as over-exfoliation. Opt for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products and check your over-the-counter products for exfoliants such as acids or vitamin A derivatives/retinol.



This is easier to solve – with dry skin, the easiest way is to ensure adequare replenishment of moisture in the skin. The best time to apply your skincare would be immediately after a shower. Those with dry skin should opt for gentle moisturizers which contain glycerin and squalane, such as Luminizing II, to lock in the moisture.

Luminizing II. A lightweight moisturizing gel-cream that is fast-penetrating and locks moisture within.


Skin allergic reactions can result in increased blood flow within the skin. The best would be to take an anti-histamine to calm it down and ensure the skin stays hydrated with an organic, preservative-free serum such as Skin Drink.


SKIN DRINK. This organic, preservative skin oil has a non-greasy finish and effectively helps lock moisture within skin.



Sun exposure can cause vasodilation which results in facial flushing. A good sunscreen will work as a skin barrier. Mineral or physical sunscreens such as Umbrella are preferred for those who tend to experience facial redness because they physically reflect UV-rays away from the skin. Chemical sunscreens absorb and break UV-rays down within the skin, releasing heat in the process and can trigger or exacerbate redness.

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