These Will Give You A Sharper Jawline Without Surgery

For some reason, we apply our anti-aging skincare and have treatments such as anti-wrinkle jabs or lasers done on our faces, but the efforts often stop at the jawline. The truth is, nothing gives away your age like a double chin and sagging neck. From the late thirties or early forties, weakened muscles and loose skin leads to the accumulation of fat deposits under the chin.

Gravity is not the only cause of the double chin. Our bone structures shift gradually as we age, and this gives less support for soft tissues. The platysma, a thin band of muscle in the neck becomes shorter, thinner and less well-defined with age, and causes a weakening of muscle tone of the neck. Submental fat, or the double chin can appear because of loosening of skin around the neck.

Weight gain and genetics have also been blamed for the double chin.



You can do away with a double chin, apparently, quite effectively without cosmetic surgery. Here are the some of the most effective non-invasive treatments to reduce the appearance of a double chin.



Known as the world’s first FDA-approved device for non-invasive facial lifting, Ultherapy dives 4.5 millimeters beneath the surface of the skin into the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) to stimulate a skin tightening effect. In the lower face, tightening of the skin above the jawline and under the chin reduces the double chin and defines the jawline.

2. 24K CHIN UP

Targeting unwanted fat and loose skin up to a depth of 5 milimetres, also with HIFU, Sygmalift has won the hearts of many with a new non-surgical treatment to sculpt a round face to a sexy V-shaped visage, and the SW1 Clinic has made this into a pampering slimming facial, their 24K Chin Up. A triple focal pulsed treatment targets the subcutaneous fat, stimulates collagen remodeling, oxygenation and promotes tissue regeneration from inside out, leaving the surface of the skin completely intact and without any downtime. Each beam of ultrasound energy creates a progressive thermal effect that supports the elimination of fat cells, resulting in a noticeably sharper jawline.



Anything more than a mild sag may try the Infinity Neck Lift. This threadlift procedure uses biodegradable threads which contain tiny barbs that grasp and lift soft tissues of neck, tucking lose skin under the chin in to a flattering, youthful effect.


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