A Shot At Happiness – How To Tell If Fillers Are For You

The usual meaning of “fillers” aren’t great. They sound like placeholders – for example, “filler girlfriend”, “filler relationships”, “time filler”, “filler episodes”… the list goes on. But dermal fillers are entirely different. These do not just fill a void – they enhance, lift and rejuvenate a person’s appearance. Specifically (just in case you have been living under a rock), dermal fillers are made of biologically compatible material, usually hyaluronic acid molecules, and they are used to fill primary areas of volume loss in the face. How do you know if fillers will work for you?



Deepening nasolabial folds? Look at your once-prominent cheeks, are they more deflated as well? One of the biggest signs of aging in the midface is volume deflation in the cheeks, and this results in skin sagging and deeper nasolabial folds. Traditionally, the treatment was the fill the nasolabial lines directly, but this did not address volume loss. Volume High Definition Lift places hyaluronic acid fillers strategically in the cheeks to replace volume loss and results in a natural lift, alleviating deep nasolabial folds.


Tell-tale signs of aging are not just in the cheeks or nasolabial folds. Age-related volume loss can also be observed in the temples. Around the eyes, apart from droopy lids, the other major complaint is droopy brows. Temple fillers fill the temples and also result in a natural browlift effect. While Botox may have been the traditional non-invasive solution to lifting the brows, the worry is paralysis of select muscles may result in stiffness. Temple fillers do not affect muscles and are a surprisingly effective solution to this problem.



Younger adults who may not have pertinent age-related volume loss issues may still opt to get fillers to improve the structural appearances of their faces. “Cheek sculpting, jawline, chin and nose bridge fillers are done more commonly than people think nowadays”, says Dr Michelle Lim, medical aesthetic consultant at the SW1 Clinic. The popularity of these feature-enhancing filler procedures are in part due to the affordability, lower risks and non-invasive nature of the treatments, making these literally “lunchtime treatments” with minimal or no downtime.

So you want Cara Delevingne’s standout cheekbones? Try hyaluronic acid fillers.

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