Is Your Face Aging Faster Than You?

The truth is, wrinkles will eventually appear and everyone will look older at some point. However, how well you cared for your skin from young can make a difference in wrinkle formation.

Getting baggy or jowly around the jaw? Structural arrangements go on behind the scenes as we age. When we are young, fat in the face is more evenly distributed. The forehead, temples, cheeks, around the eye sockets and mouth are plump and youthful-looking. As we age, fat loss occurs and also shifts downwards. At the same time, skin loses its elasticity, sags and wrinkles develop, resulting in an overall volume deflation and loss of definition of the lower face.

Even for someone with great genes, age-related changes in the face are unavoidable. If you’d rather have something done than embrace these changes, the surgical facelift is not the only treatment around to stem the tides of time. Non-invasive rejuvenation treatments are now the rave and they are popular because they are relatively inexpensive compared to surgical treatments and most of these have little or no downtime.




The world’s first anti-wrinkle microinjection is till the most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic procedure, 20 years after it made its debut. Beyond smoothening wrinkles such as the frown lines, forehead furrows and crow’s feet, Botox now has an extensive list of cosmetic uses. We think the following Botox treatments have the most rejuvenation results for the lower face.


Botox Nefertiti/Neck Lift

Named after the Egyptian queen famed for her well-defined jawline, the Nefertiti Lift is a Botox treatment targets the neck platysma muscle, whose usual muscle tone distends the neck. Relaxing this muscle lightly around the jawline reduces this tension and results in a more youthful and lifted jawline.


Botox Jaw Slimming

Square and boxy jaws can look forward to an easy, non-surgical slimming result with Botox. This requires direct injections into the usually larger masseter muscles. While it doesn’t affect their function, this minor relaxation reduces the size of these muscles and slims the jawline in the process. It can also relieve pain from teeth grinding, which often develops from an overload of pressure in stronger masseter muscles.



One of the signs of aging is volume deflation. Replace youthful volume with natural facial hyaluronic fillers. Volume High Definition Lift (VHDL) aims to lift saggy cheeks, restore the cheekbones and reduce the appearance of sunken eye hollows, the classic triad of aging in the mid-face. Disappearing jawlines can look forward to jaw and chin fillers for that well-defined jawline. Rejuvenating the jawline like this also often helps to hide an unwanted double chin.



The non-surgical facelift is now officially a thing, with people having their Ultherapy session done every 12 to 18 months. If you haven’t heard of Ultherapy, it is probably one of the most reliable non-invasive skin-tightening treatment. FDA-approved for skin lifting, it stimulates collagen production within the deeper layers of the skin for a skin firming effect that lasts up to 12 months. No injections are performed at all in this procedure. All you need is topical numbing with numbing cream.


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