Month: October 2019

How To Look Better As You Get Older

Most people start to worry about looking older as they approach their 40s, but did you know that collagen production in our skin drops earlier than we think – in our twenties? But yes, even though we will all gradually look older as we get older, believe it or not, some things can get better with age. In fact, you can look better as you get older. Here are the 5 of the best tips to prevent facial aging. LIFT, LIFT AND LIFT Why do some people look like they never age? Experts say that the most obvious sign of aging isn’t wrinkles, but is actually a disappearing jawline! Loss of collagen in the skin, loss of facial fat, shrinking of muscles all cause the skin to droop. If you haven’t heard of Ultherapy (where have you been!), you might have been living under a rock. This is a non-invasive skin lifting treatment that uses micro-focused ultrasound targeting up to 4.5mm deep beneath the surface of the skin (sometimes extending Continue Reading

Best Ways To Grow Your Hair

Before we begin, it is normal to lose some hair – as much as about a hundred strands per day. But if you’ve noticed a thinning crown or a receding hairline, then the cause of hair loss could be something other than physiological. If you are panicking about your thinning hair, don’t. Here are the best ways to grow your mane to healthy volumes again.   1. HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENTS AND SERUMS Hair growth medicine are often the first used by doctors to combat hair loss. The hair recovery serum containing Minoxidil is applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth by increasing the growing phase (anagen phase) of the hair cycle. Stress, poor nutrition and other factors can lead to breakage and premature shedding. Dietary hair supplements supply important nutrients to hair follicles to promote existing hair growth. Hair supplements such as Viviscal are considered one of the better hair supplements, sold exclusively in medical clinics. It works also by increasing anagen phase and results can be noticed in Continue Reading

Good Skin: Nature Or Nurture?

Women are smart. They know that everyone has to age eventually, and before that happens, they should probably do something about it, because the truth is, one day, it won’t be as firm, smooth or radiant-looking. But the question is, why do some women age better than others? Do they have good genes or is it actually, something else?   NATURE OR NURTURE? Don’t be surprised, but apparently, a study conducted by Olay with Harvard University has shown that some women do have their genetics to thank for looking more “ageless” than others. Contrary to what we think, the study showed that everyone has genes that help take care of the skin, but those who age “exceptionally” have genes that work better, and longer. So it sounds like nurture plays a larger role than genetics do. Certainly, there is something in all of us that helps with keeping our skin youthful and supple, but environmental and lifestyle factors may play more important roles in accelerating the skin aging process as Continue Reading

You Can Have Perfect Lips Too, Thanks To Science

Apparently, science can determine how sexy your lips can look. Bee-stung pairs like those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johannson are actually not all that subjective – because the world of cosmetic procedures currently has a metric for measuring lip beauty. And those who have always contemplated a lip filler job can rejoice, because this means that lip filler augmentation is no longer like the Wild West – there is actually a way of working out the best dimension for your lips that is considered ideal for your face.   ‘SUPERSIZE ME’ – VOLUME CAN BE PLANNED Believers of “size is not everything”, this will reaffirm your belief. Studies show that different ideals of lip beauty is not rooted in size, but in ratio. In fact, this was a concept born years ago when Leonardo Da Vinci postulated that the ability of the human brain to determine beauty is actually hardwired and tied to a mathematical proportion, now known as the Golden Ratio. This means that you can probably upsize Continue Reading

Best Ways To Deal With Pigmentation

Acne may be largely the thing that causes most young people to have lower self-esteem, but it doesn’t mean that once the acne stops (when we grow up), our skin woes are over. Hyperpigmentation spots can sometimes really sink in, making the success of some treatments impossible, while others are slightly better and can be easily lightened with other treatments. Many people may not know this, but not all spots are created equal, so don’t enter unknown salons and ask them to give you the same pigment erasing cream or laser that your friend just did. Skin types and the nature of pigmentation is important when selecting the treatment, so go to a reliable doctor and have the problem looked at first. Particularly in darker skin types, even the most well-intended treatment can result in worsening of the original hyperpigmentation. Here are the best ways to get rid of facial pigmentation. 1. PIGMENT LIGHTENERS Hormonally fuelled pigmentation such as melasma are heat and UV sensitive. Treating melasma requires several approaches, Continue Reading