Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Acne

When we have acne, the instinct is always to do something to get rid of them quickly. Read on the find out the biggest mistakes we make with these nasty blemishes.


1. Drying Your Pimples And Face Out

Pimples are caused by clogged pores, and drying them out gets rid of them right? Overdoing it and dehydrating the skin excessively can cause the reverse, triggering the skin to produce even more oil than usual. Try Skin Laundry III, a salicylic mild foaming wash that won’t dry your skin out, and Blue Orchid, an oil-free moisturizer that gently hydrates irritated skin.


2. Too Much Makeup

No prizes for guessing this one. When you have acne, wear as little makeup as possible, even though the reflex is to cover the bumps up with thick foundation. This can lead to more clogged pores. Always cleanse your face thoroughly to remove any traces of makeup. Try Anti-acne BB cream instead.


3. Not Changing Your Pillowcase

Have acne that wouldn’t go away even though you have tried everything? When was the last time you changed your pillowcase? These trap dirt, sweat and yes, germs, re-introducing nasty bacteria to your skin every time you lay your faces over them. Try changing your pillowcases at least once a week.


4. Refusing To Get Professional Help When It’s Not Improving

If you’ve tried to get rid of acne yourself for months and are at your wit’s end, it might be time to get some professional help. The problem with acne, especially the cystic ones, is that they can cause scarring. Doctors can help identify the cause of your acne and prescribe a more effective skincare regime, medicated creams or oral medication to stop the breakout. Clinical facials such as Clear Blue also use I-Clear or LED blue light which help to kill acne-causing bacteria.


5. Picking The Acne

Popping your zits can help get rid of them quickly, why not do it? Do not, because picking on your blemises can lead to bacterial infection and scarring.


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