Secrets Of Impeccably Groomed Men

If you are a man and you know what self-care is all about, you will also know that looking after your appearance isn’t just for women today. The thing about impeccably groomed people – they are proactive. They don’t wait for signs of wear and tear before they go for a fix. They know that grooming isn’t just about developing a daily routine, it’s about maintaining themselves so they don’t let their carefully assembled appearances down. Luckily, for men, overdoing makeup is a pitfall that’s virtually non-existent, so it’s easier to take care of themselves to maintain a reasonable level of self empowerment.

Here are the top 3 secrets of impeccably groomed men.


The most stylish and successful-looking men are almost brazen about ‘mampering’ (pampering). They embrace their daily cleansing and moisturizing routine, but they also have their faces professionally cleaned. This is quite different from monthly male mani- or pedicures. Keeping the complexion spot and clog-free is probably one of the most important things, be it for men, or for women. Try Deep Deep Clean, the ultimate deep-cleansing ritual which combines fruit acid wash, ultrasonic deep pore cleansing (or purging), and a sapphire peel to keep pores grease and dirt free.



I was kidding when I wrote ‘male botox’. This is Botox just like Botox for women. Men are increasingly getting Botox as people learn how effective and simple non-invasive injections can help shore up their appearance. Botox can be used to help slim the lower face for a more chiseled jawline (Botox Jaw), it can also smoothen out frown lines – a negative expression that can make men look fierce or less approachable. Another common male grooming hack? Botox for underarm sweating decreases underarm sweating by approximately 90% in a single session.


“Dad bod” is a trap, a confidence sell. Men who want someone to get romantically interested in you, Dad bod is a way to tell women to look the other way. Six-pack abs is a sign of self-care and determination. Magnetic muscle sculpting is an innovative new technology that isolates your core muscles for those who need a little more help.

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