How To Beat Your Friends At The Anti-Aging Regime

They say that if you want to know how well you’ve aged, look at your friends. In our 20s, most people look their age. But you know that friend, the one who is the same age but 10 years on, is starting to look younger than you? Apparently, these days, there is usually more to a youthful appearance than just good genes or simply using sunscreen.

Here are the some of the best hacks to beat your friends at the anti-aging regime.



Literally everyone complains of sagging cheeks and a disappearing jawline, or worsening smile lines as they age. When we are young, our facial shape is usually sharper in the lower third and the midface is usually more full and lifted. Gradual loss of collagen and elastin as we age results in loose and thinning skin, changing the youthful facial shape from an inverted triangle to a less flattering U shape. Unless you have waited too long and only a surgical facelift will work now, try giving your skin a little collagen boost every now and then with non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatments such as Ultherapy or Thermage.



Dull skin and pigmentation make a person look unhealthy and unappealing. As we get older, the rate of cellular renewal slows down and more dead skin accumulates on the surface of our skin. Exfoliating regularly will help remove dead skin cells. Try chemical peels such as Glamour Peel, a custom peel which will help address issues such as uneven skin tone, fine lines and clogged pores.



Frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead furrows can start to look deeper. Many people are afraid of trying Botox for fear of it looking unnatural, but a small dose in the right places will relax the muscles just enough to soften expression creases without freezing any expression.



Our skin loses its youthful plumpness because of lower amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Fine lines on the skin affects the way light bounces off it, making it dull and lacklustre. Many people think creams will do it, but laser treatments such as the Fraxel Dual are the most effective. This is a microresurfacing fractionated laser peel which encourages cellular turnover and stimulates collagen renewal, illuminating skin from within!



Aging causes skin to lose its resilience, or its ability to weather stresses such as those caused by the sun and pollution. Youth Savant, a microinjectable treatment using polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) made from salmon DNA, activates pathways to boost your skin’s own recovery processes, activating normal human cell proliferation, promotes skin healing and improves its resilience. Expect a more firm, elastic and youthful canvas with this treatment!


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