Doctor-Approved Treatments For Busting Fat

If there are unwanted bulges on your body that’s preventing you from wearing your dream outfit, here are some of the best doctor-approved treatments for busting fat. The cleverest thing about these? They are completely non-invasive!



I admit, it is painful when a 40 minute cycling class burns only at most 400 calories, and I feel like I have a tonne to lose. Well, did you know that you can get rid of stubborn fat by literally doing nothing? Coolshape is a fat freezing treatment that reduces up to 20% of body fat in a treatment area. This is an FDA-approved, completely non-invasive body sculpting treatment that achieves results, every time. A major draw of this treatment? It is also comfortable, can treat up to 2 areas at the same time, and lasts only 60 minutes per session.



For harder to reach contours such as the hips, the arms, or inner thighs, or for those who prefer fat reduction with heat, try ONDA, the latest microwave fat-busting treatment. Their patented “Coolwaves” technology target 80% fat during a deep fat reduction treatment, as compared to radiofrequency (RF) treatments where approximately 30% of RF energy reaches the target fat.



Annoyed with a lumpy appearance on your skin? Cellulite can happen even to slim and fit people. The typical dimpled appearance of cellulite is caused by fat cells protruding into the skin, resulting in an orange peel appearance. To target cellulite, ONDA switches to a different handpiece for a more superficial treatment. Coolwaves target collagen fibers between lobules of fat, removing the lumpy appearance for a skin smoothening effect



A skin tightening module uses Coolwaves to induce an instant collagen shrinking effect in the skin, and stimulates production of more collagen for a compact and toned effect.

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