How I Got Myself Cheekbones Without Surgery

Facial aging is slowly progressive, a deterioration in our looks that you can’t discern from day to day, or even year to year. The signs of aging in the face aren’t like pimples – wake up one day and spot the difference. So the more you understand that our appearances take on a certain pattern of aging, and that everyone ages at different rates, and the extent of aging in parts of the face differs slightly from person to person, there are ways to reverse it!


The face structurally re-arranges behind the scenes? Fact.

When we are young, fat is more abundant in the forehead, temples, cheeks, around the eyes and even around the mouth. As we age, fat repositions and redistributes. The nasolabial fold forms most probably due to weakening of a retaining ligament that runs through this area. Loss of fat in the cheeks, skin changes, as well as bone resorption (thinning) changes all result in a worsening of the nasolabial folds as the cheek sags (in an annoying downward and inward direction towards the mouth, deepening our nasolabial folds, or “smile lines”).

Christie Brinkley is 65 years old but as we can see, looks can be deceiving. Her youthful looks can partly be attributed to her lifted and voluminous cheeks, as well as her tight jawline.


It is not surprising then, that cheeks are increasingly the first areas doctors treat to restore one’s youthful looks. Even in younger patients who lack the flattering midface volume, non-invasive cheek fillers can give the bone structure for a more attractive appearance.

Indeed, nifty procedures such as Volume High Definition Lift, which uses hyaluronic acid fillers to restores volume and restores hydrobalance of the cheeks, integrating into your own tissue and stimulating collagen production modestly. These natural fillers are completely biodegradable – your body breaks them down naturally over time over the next 1 to 2 years, a great plus since aging changes our face dynamically and no one wants to be stuck with permanent fillers which may not suit their faces later on.

Another plus for using hyaluronic acid cheek fillers is that these are completely and easily dissolvable with a simple injection of an enzyme so you don’t have to worry about regretting the injection. It is also a great prelude to a surgical procedure known as facial fat grafting, a method of transferring unwanted fat from elsewhere in one’s own body to the face.

So there you go, don’t go thinking there is nothing you can do about aging or enhancing your beauty. It really doesn’t have to be complicated!

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