Here’s What The New Age Peels Do To Your Skin

Tired of dull, lacklustre skin and no amount of moisturizing or facials seem to help? A spotless, beaming complexion is just beneath the surface of your skin and your skin doctor might just be able to tease it out.

Chemoexfoliation, more commonly known as the chemical peel, is a method of using exfoliative chemical agents that quick and uniform peeling of the skin to a desired depth. The aim of this is to peel the skin to address a variety of skin woes, but most popularly done to smoothen out lines and brighten the skin. By removing dead skin cells on the surface of skin, chemical peels improve lines, acne, pigments, and rapidly reveal baby smooth skin. Until the 1990s, chemical peels have been one of the most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic skin treatments, but deep peels have largely been supplanted with the invention of skin lasers. Despite this, superficial peels have actually gone forward and proliferated in popularity.



If the mention of chemical peels brought a cringe to your face, we don’t blame you. Peels in the past, while popular, hurt and left people’s faces red and raw. But today’s new age peels have revised acid formulas and doctors today have changed their approach to using them. While the idea in the past was to cause visible peeling with results only visible after significant downtime, new age peels today go by the no-peel policy. Their goal is to infuse the skin with the right ingredients (in the appropriate strength), to reduce the appearance of lines, even out skin tone and increase cellular turnover, so that it’s just enough for you to reap the rapid reveal.

In fact, no age peels are designed to be zero downtime and usually have customized acids for better outcomes. Doctors say a cocktail of multiple, light acids give better outcomes without the usual irritation compared to single acids that were popular in the past. Peels such as Glamour Peel are customized at SW1 Clinic, where their doctors get creative and concoct their own peel recipes to address individual patient concerns, from clogged pores and acne, melasma, fine lines and dull skin. Even sensitive skin can be looked after with their Milk Peel, a low strength lactic acid peel offset with skin-soothing ingredients.

So the new age peels sounds great for those who have a busy lifestyle and cannot afford to be red and peeling for days. The results might not necessarily be as impressive as a fractional laser peel such as the Fraxel, but these also cost a fraction of the prices of such lasers – something to think about!

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