5 Fixes For Your Pregnancy Skin And Hair Problems

Post pregnancy, women can suffer from a handful of problems that worry them. Here are the best fixes for these common issues.


Needless to say, our bodies experience hormonal changes postpartum, and these can cause an increase in sebum production, aggravating acne. This rage on your skin usually lasts for up to six months, but women should see their doctor to reduce the chances of scarring. Oral medications for acne are usually not suitable for breast-feeding mothers, but there are non-invasive skin treatments to improve, such as SW1 Clinic’s Purity Program.



Some unfortunate women get this mask-like pigmentary condition known as Melasma, which is triggered by a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure. Women with darker skin (higher concentration of melanin in skin) are more susceptible. If you have pigmentation which started or worsened during pregnancy, consult your doctor first for a diagnosis. Melasma can be treated topically with lightening creams such as cysteamine, which can only be obtained via a prescription. Melasma and dull skin (which is usually a serious concern of all tired mothers) can be effectively treated with the BB Aquatouch laser using a cautious setting, a wavelength well-loved for its ability to target pigmentation and sun damage.





On a list on minor annoyances are yucky little growth called skin tags. Most of these will fall off after pregnancy but a few can linger on. These are basically harmless and can be removed easily via 1 to 2 sessions of electrocautory.





If you are one of the 90% of women who could not escape the fate of these tiny red tears of the skin on your body during pregnancy, do not fret about them yet. Fresh stretch marks are red, and these will gradually fade to a silvery white over months after delivery. There are various lasers that are great at fading stretch marks. Red/purple stretch marks are newer and more likely to be responsive to treatment, such as the VBeam, a pulsed-dye laser treatment. Working only of red pigments, these can lighten stretch marks by up to 75%! White stretch marks can be treated with the Fraxel Light, a baby version of the full treatment which works on white stretch marks quite satisfactorily.



Almost all women experience hair fall within the first year of giving birth. Although these can be distressing, especially to new mothers, luckily this is usually a temporary affliction. That said, waiting to grow out thousands of strands of baby hair for the following months can a problem as well. Try the Revage 670 Hair Laser to mitigate the hair loss. This painless hair laser system has 30 laser diodes which rotate around your scalp, stimulating blood flow to nourish weakened follicles, pushing them into active growing phase.


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